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Punta Espinoza

Sing with the Salt Spitters
Technically, the marine iguana isn't a salt spitter, it's a salt snorter. Adapted to sea life, the marine iguana dives for seaweed and algae, then basks in the sun to increase it's body temperature. During this time, the excess salt is filtered through a nasal gland; it's not uncommon to walk among a large group of iguanas and have them snort salt all over your shoes.

At first it's a bit unnerving to walk among a million tiny dinosaurs as they lay about catching rays, but it doesn't take long for the spectacular scenery of Punta Espinoza and Fernandina to overwhelm any lingering sense of trepidation.
Make a Love Connection
My expedition pals were so inspired by the dramatic island scenery that they couldn't keep their hands off one another... just kidding. Kinda.

Still, the Galapagos are a mighty romantic place, if I'm to believe all the couples I met while wandering from island to island. The Galapagos are high on just about every bucket list ever conceived, and since they're so far away for most people, it takes a special effort to get here. The wildlife, amazing scenery, stunning sunsets, great food and endless bottles of wine may also play a role. Cue the romance.
Make a Love Connection Galápagos Islands  Ecuador

Swim with Green Giants
Swimming with turtles in the Galapagos is a thrilling experience—for you and me. Don't expect your flippered friends to pay you any mind while you dive into the deep; turtles are more concerned with their next meal, so long as you don't get close enough to disturb them.

Swim with Green Giants Galápagos Islands  Ecuador

Fernandina Island, Ecuador