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Marrakech Medina

Graffiti In Marrakech's Medina
We saw this intriguing graffiti on our way back to the Riad Maizie from a get-acclimated jaunt to the bustling square Djemma Al Fna that is the heart of the Medina. It was not created in a prominent place, just lovingly rendered on the wall next to a dry cleaner's stall. So easy to miss this unlikely art on our second day, when we were still wary of finding our way amongst the uneven stones of the street, the children darting in and out, and the motor scooters weaving between walkers, often within a hair's breadth of the odd arm or leg. So easy to miss - and therefore such an unexpected treat, happening to glance over to see the girl's flowing hair and enigmatic expression.

Sweets In The Medina
This souk was located in the large market area within Marrakech's ancient walled city, the Medina. Narrow, winding streets open only to foot traffic are lined with stall after stall of every kind of item imaginable, from the expected woven wool rugs to the unexpected live chickens. Although these exquisitely wrought sweets beckoned to us with their beautiful colors and sugar glazed sheen, once we got close enough to choose one the bees crawling on them became apparent, and we lost our appetites as we didn't want to fight the insects for the food. I thought it ironic that the sweets in the lowest dishes were covered in plastic, to prevent contamination from people walking by.

Fabric Merchant
In the giant market of the old walled section of Marrakech, souk-lined streets are filled with tourists searching for souvenirs and bargains. Many souks sell the same crafts, and if a merchant catches your eye or sees you slowing your gait to look in his stall you are likely to hear a rapid-fire sales pitch or be invited in to smell, taste, touch or otherwise witness the superior quality of his wares. That is why this gentleman caught my eye. Amidst all the frenetic calls from the souks to experience and ultimately buy, this man sat calmly in front of his stall, watching the stream of people pass by. His content smile and placid manner reminded me of a Buddha uncharacteristically placed in the midst of the busy Moslem market.

Riad Zitoun El Kdim, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco