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Marble Mountains

Climb the Marble Mountains
...or take the elevator (seriously!) to experience this network of temples and intricate sculpture. Incense is sold throughout the complex, and people sell all kinds of marble wares on the street level.
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Coming down from one of Central Vietnam's famed Marble Mountains--or Ngũ Hành Sơn ("Five Elements Mountains"--we passed this garage, seemingly guarded by the statues and busts arrayed around the entrance and terraced up hillside. The mountains, offering spectacular views of the Da Nang region, are full of caves, many of them sanctified with shrines, altars, and sculptures. They were also a longstanding source of quarried marble and limestone for stone carvers, such as the one who parked his car in his own well-protected cave. During the Vietnam War, the Marble Mountains were used as a hideaway of Viet Cong guerrillas. Indeed, there was a hospital here.
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Marble Mountains
Draped in greenery and riddled with caves, these five marble- and limestone-peaks in the Ngu Hanh Son ward, just south of Da Nang, loom high above the surrounding landscape. And that awe-inspiring appearance helps explain the tall tales attached to these mythical mountains, each of which is named for one of the five elements. One local legend, for instance, has it that the Marble Mountains sprouted from the shards of a dragon’s egg. Follow in the footsteps of countless pilgrims by hiking the jungle-lined pathways. Along the way, you’ll uncover picturesque 17th-century pagodas, Buddhist shrines, and former hiding places for Viet Cong soldiers.
Marble Mountains Hòa Hải  Vietnam

Marble Mountains‬‬

This majestic cluster of five marble and limestone hills on the southern outskirts of the city is impressive enough in its own right, but it’s what they contain that is truly spectacular. These mountains are home to Buddhist sanctuaries that draw pilgrims from all over the world, and which were used by Vietnamese revolutionaries as bases and hiding spots. The main mountain, Thuy Son, is the only one accessible to visitors and boasts several Buddhist and Hindu grottoes. Come early to beat the crowds.

Marble Mountains‬‬ Hòa Hải  Vietnam

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