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Habitation Turpin

Habitation Turpin: History in the making
Truth be told, I became quite the barfly at Habitation Turpin. I simply love the place, the hands-down awesome owners, and the diverse crowd of patrons, ranging from journalists, locals, UN-envoys, business men (and women), to the occasional traveler.

International tapas are served to accompany good drinks, including authentic specialties from Spain, Germany and Haiti. If Germany is the one that surprises you, there's a reason–one of the owners is German!

The name 'Habitation Turpin' refers to the plantation, where it is believed that the slave revolt first began in Haiti. Anne-Rose and Henry, the owners of this historically themed place are passionate about Haiti, and enjoy sharing the country's vibrant and multi-faceted culture with their guests. The evenings often have a program of sorts, incorporating live music. Once a week, there's a colorful, fast-paced Haitian folklore show. The Cinémathèque de Petion–Ville, a local film club (free entry!) has made Habitation Turpin its home, too.

Although still young, this place is clearly on the fast track to becoming THE cultural and gastronomic hub of Petion–Ville, and I have a strong feeling, it's there to stay!

A big thank you to JetBlue (http://www.jetblue.com) for flights to and from Haiti, and of course the Marriott Port-au-Prince (http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/papmc-marriott-port-au-prince-hotel/) for accommodations.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
+509 37 01 0593
Tue - Fri 5:30pm - 12am
Sat 1pm - 12am