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Galápagos Province

Inter-Species Playtime
There are not many places in the world where you can capture three distinct species in a single frame. In the Galapagos you can, from just a few yards away.

I especially liked watching (and photographing) the way very distant relatives interacted. Here, newborn sea lion pups chase the tails of marine iguanas while vibrant Sally Lightfoot crabs skitter from the Godzilla-like creatures.

Baby Boobies
While it appears that this blue-footed boobie mother is regurgitating fish for her chick, she's actually just pretending, probably trying to get my group to take pictures and move on. Just because you can get within feet of animals in the Galapagos doesn't mean they'll put on a performance for you. In this case, frigatebirds and other boobies often steal food straight from a parent's beak, so they have to be strategic about feeding.

Galapagos Sunset
The sun looks even better when it's dropping behind a volcanic island in the Galapagos Archipelago. I took this photo aboard the M/Y Eric, operated by the sustainably-minded cruise operator, Ecoventura (http://www.ecoventura.com/home.aspx).

First Encounter With A Dragon
Upon stepping onto the island, within the first few steps, I looked to my left to see a giant marine iguana soaking up some rays. He was beautiful! Right after this picture was shot he slowly slid into the water and swam away. Needless to say I spent the rest of the trip chasing these ancient beings all aver the islands. They are magnificent!

A secluded beach...kind of.
Tortuga Bay, Isla Santa Cruz is a white sandy beach littered with marine iguanas. We were lucky enough to catch it on a quiet day when the only markings in the sand were from their sharp claws and dinosaur like tails. One of them even walked right over our beach towels. They didn't seem to mind sharing their secluded hide away with us!

Scuba Diving with Sharks!
Too many beautiful animal photos to choose from in the Galapagos! Blue-footed boobies, galapagos turtles, sea lions, iguanas, and more! But this dive was the best of my life...definitely the highlight of my Galapagos experience.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador