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Full Steam Coffee Roasting

Full Steam Ahead - Nova Scotia Coffee Roasting
We walked into Full Steam Coffee roasting building – it was a mix of fabulous smells that hit you like a smack in the face. Christian met us and excitedly walked us through the whole bean, fair trade, organic roasting process. For my mom, this was like making the pilgrimage to Meca – a spiritual experience for an fanatical coffee drinker.

Christian walked us through the entire process showing how technology plays a big role in the roasting process. Next we went on to taste all of the different roasts side by side. The most surprising thing I learned that rocked my world was the fact that the darker and bolder the roast, the less caffeine. That certainly changes how I order coffee from now on. Full Steam Coffee is distributed throughout Nova Scotia – so be sure to look for it and have a taste of the authentic seacoast. My favorite part of the tour was when I asked Christian what his favorite Full Steam Coffee was and he answered, “I don’t drink coffee!”

More Information: http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/guysborough-nova-scotia-small-town-big-attractions/
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