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Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall: A Space of Experiences
You have probably already seen corners of Dubai Mall on social media, but Dubai Mall is truly an experience rather than just a mall. Get ready to feel small amid swarms of people, department stores and packed food courts. While the mall has a lot to offer for avid shoppers, it may be more productive to experience the space as an art exhibition with mundane and extravagant displays. Watch —or, hop on— one of the mall’s taxicabs to get from one wing to the next, grab a coffee at Angelina’s with Dubai’s elites or watch the human traffic decrease around the fancier sections of the mall. And, don’t miss the elegantly, choreographed water dances and the exquisite aqualife on display at the mall’s Aquarium.
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Fountain Dancing at the Dubai Mall
Yes, dancing fountains are a bit hokey, maybe even a bit Vegas, but even the cynics will be dazzled by this fountain display. Crowds start to gather well before each show, which happens about every half-hour starting at 6PM (there is one show in the afternoon). The beauty of the display is also, of course, a display of wealth: water fountains in the desert. The entire show—lights, sound, water—is a fitting testament to Dubai, where human will has triumphed over geography. http://dobuysee.com/city/dubai/dubai-fountain-timings-and-location/
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Water Fountain in Dubai
There's shopping then there's Shopping. At Dubai Mall you can shop, eat, drink, smoke shisha, ice skate, and sip cocktails while watching a water fountain show complete with music and lights (at night). It's a mix of locals and foreigners mingling and taking snapshots of the architecture, the water, or the Burj Khalifa.
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Tiny paper butterflies in Dubai mall
Standing in the world's largest mall in Dubai
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Mega aquarium in Dubai mall
One more example of extravagance in Dubai mall is this multi story aquarium. The mall is so big you feel like you need a car to drive through it.
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Botero & The Burj
If you happen to find yourself in Dubai at the base of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building at 830 meters, what would you expect to find? If you answered a fattened, bronze statue of a horse by Fernando Botero weighing in at 1,500 kilos, you would be correct. While the world's tallest building and the world's fattest bronze horse may seem like strange bedfellows, they actually kind of look cute together. Just don't ask the Burj to move in a little closer for a snapshot.
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