Continental Deli Bar & Bistro

Continental’s downstairs bar—with a marble countertop and chilies, garlic, and aged ham hanging overhead—transports diners to Spain or Portugal. Despite the old-world ambience, however, the menu and staff are young and playful. Pop in for a meatball sub and vermouth at lunch, or enjoy king-crab-stuffed zucchini flowers before moving on to slow-roasted lamb in the upstairs bistro. In either case, complement your meal with something canned—the deli’s specialty— whether it’s the seafood plate of the day or a “Cosmopoli-tin” cocktail. A whole wall of canned and jarred concoctions are also available to take home. In 2018, a second, and larger, outpost of Continental Deli was opened in the CBD.

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Canned Martinis Are the Speciality of This Bar-Meets-Deli

A classic martini poured from a tin can sounds like dadaist nonsense—until you step into The Continental, a deli-meets-cocktail-bar where shelves are stacked with pyramids of house-canned fish, curried lentils, chickpeas in harissa, and dulce de leche. Here, a plate of charcuterie somehow cries out for a house “Martinny,” and the sound of the bartender popping the tab and peeling back the lid to pour a premixed Tanqueray and vermouth seems just right.

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