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Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay, Vieques
This was the experience of a lifetime. We were fortunate to be there on the required dark night with no moon. We used see-through canoes to paddle to the middle of this inlet off the Caribbean at midnight. All wildlife in the very clear water was luminescent -- we could see fish jumping and swimming and plankton hanging around. This bay is one of very few in the world that lights up at night -- a true glow-in-the-dark experience brought to you by Mother Nature.
Swimming with Bioluminescent Plankton
As the sun sank, we set off across the water and back into the bay. I was concentrating on rowing (it was hard work!), and then suddenly I noticed that when I dipped my oar in, there was a faint green light in the water beneath it. I shrieked in delight, and our guide smiled and said, "Just wait." As we got further and further into the bay, and it got darker and darker, the plankton really started to glow. We tied up our kayaks and jumped into the water, ecstatic. Everyone was completely giddy and laughing hysterically.

The plankton were glowing bright green all around us, and every time you made a move there were a thousand sparking lights in your wake. I sat on my lifejacket and bobbed up and down at chest level, playing with the water like a little kid. I would pull my hands up out of the water and let it stream down my forearms. As the plankton-water moved down my arms, it looked like hundreds of glittery glowing diamonds cascading downward. If you dunked your head, you would come up glowing from every surface, like you had been doused in pixie dust. They clung to my eyelashes, and twinkled brightly in the dark bay every time anyone made a move. If you put your hand under water and balled up your fingers into a fist and then extended them quickly, it looked like you were shooting green fire out of your fingertips. It was absolutely the coolest thing I have ever experienced.
Swimming with Bioluminescent Plankton Vieques  Puerto Rico

Kayaking with Glowing Plankton Under Bright Stars
Hands-down, this was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We planned our trip around the phases of the moon, with the intention of seeing the solar system clearly in the sky above and brilliant glowing plankton below. Under a new moon, the conditions were amazing as we kayaked around the bay for two hours on Abe's tour. The high concentration of plankton react through touch and movement, and it was stunning to see them sparkle in your hands.

Mosquito Bay is the largest bioluminescent bay in the world, and it's the closest you will get to touching a magical mass of glowing microorganisms.
Kayaking with Glowing Plankton Under Bright Stars Vieques  Puerto Rico

BioLuminescent Bay, Vieques, PR
Like nothing you've ever experienced before, a night kayaking tour of the Vieques Bio Bay will fill you with wonder. As your boat slips into the warm bay, the perfect salinity and nutrient rich mangroves enable the highest bio luminescent levels in the world. With every stroke of your paddle, the waters around you alight as if alive. Watch as fish and sea turtles glide below the surface, light with blue sparkles. Dip your hands into the water and watch as the lights trickle down your arms. Listen as the experienced guide explains the chemistry, shares about the rich biodiversity, and the cultural connection to the bay.
Conservation efforts have stepped up and kayakers are no longer allowed to swim in the bay - to protect it's existence.
Don't miss your chance to experience this wonder. Select the darkest night of your stay on the island and book in advance to ensure space.
BioLuminescent Bay, Vieques, PR Vieques  Puerto Rico

Revel in the magic of bioluminescent bays
There is nothing more mesmerizing than swimming in water that shimmers and glows as you splash around. Puerto Rico has three bioluminescent bays, and night tours leave from Fajardo, Vieques, and Parguera. Most tours allow the daring to plunge into the cool, dark bay and swim among the microorganisms that cause the changing colors; for those wishing to stay dry, dip your hand in one of the buckets of water provided by the guides. But it's not just the waters off Puerto Rico that glow: Back in the southern town of Parguera, the dock and town is as bright and lively as the ocean, with music, drinks, and Puerto Rican finger food on offer late into the night.

Revel in the magic of bioluminescent bays Vieques  Puerto Rico

Bahía Bioluminiscente, Puerto Rico