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Bar Basso

A cocktail bar for true connoisseurs
Bar Basso is one of the oldest cocktail bars in Milan. It's appeared in many films and is a piece of history in the city. It's always been a privileged meeting place for designers, journalists, artists, and writers. Here you can taste the best international drinks dipped in a real atmosphere of an Italian bar. Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., the Milanese file into their neighborhood bars and fashionable watering holes. They elbow their way to the bar and partake in one of the city's long-held social traditions: the aperitivo. Strictly speaking, an aperitivo is a pre-meal drink served to whet your appetite or, as the Italians say, to "open your stomach," commonly with drinks such as Campari and orange juice or Cinzano on ice.
Bar Basso
Bar Basso is a Milanese institution. During the Salone del Mobile in April, it attracts a huge gathering of designers and it stays open until just before dawn. During the rest of the year you can avoid the hour-long lines and still try its famous Negroni Sbagliatto: a bitters-based cocktail slightly softened by swapping out gin for Prosecco, and served in these enormous glasses!
Bar Basso Milan  Italy

Your Evening Apertivo in Milan Just Got Better
The drink in the huge glass (hand in picture for scale) is called the Negroni Sbagliato, and it's served at the Bar Basso in Milan.

The literal translation is "the wrong negroni." It's a negroni (campari, bitters, gin) with the addition of proseccco to the mix. This is one drink, at one bar, that didn't feel wrong at all.

Drink outside to people watch, or come inside and sit at a booth or at the marble bar. Enjoy your evening cocktail in the aperitivo tradition—with olives and potato chips.
Your Evening Apertivo in Milan Just Got Better Milan  Italy

Via Plinio, 39, 20020 Milano MI, Italy
+39 02 2940 0580
Wed - Mon 9am - 1:15am