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Angel Glacier, Mt. Edith Cavell

Mysterium Tremendum
Stopped off on my tour of the Canadian Rockies to see the famous Angel Glacier located on the north face of Mt. Edith Cavell in Jasper National Forest, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Angel Glacier itself is a remnant of a retreating glacier that hangs in an elbow of the north face of Mt Edith Cavell. The "angel" is for the white "wings" of ice. Down below is a small and brilliantly jade-colored glacial runoff pool called Cavell Pond, where you can see small glacial icebergs floating around that have calved off of Cavell Glacier at the far side of the pond. In picking up a chunk floating near the shore, I marveled at the idea that I was holding thousands of years of history in the palm of my hand.

The hike from the parking lot itself is quite fascinating as the trail (paved) takes you through a lunar-like rocky terminal moraine. This is an experience to be treasured. With the rapid pace at which the glaciers are vanishing, there may no longer be an angel to see in the near future.
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