Frank Lloyd Wright’s Biggest Fans Can Take Trips Inspired by the Architect

If you’re obsessed with this pioneer of American architecture, these tour itineraries for 2020—all designed to showcase Wright’s legacy—will not disappoint.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Biggest Fans Can Take Trips Inspired by the Architect

One of Travel Wright’s 2020 itineraries includes a tour of the famous Fallingwater residence in Pennsylvania designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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It’s been two years since the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth, but posthumous recognition for the famed American architect has continued well into 2019. This July, eight of Wright’s most iconic buildings were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list; in September, it was announced that the last residence Wright ever designed—Phoenix’s Circular Sun House—will go up for auction on October 16; and at the start of the month, an illuminating 624-page biography of the architect titled Plagued by Fire: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright (Penguin Random House) was released.

Now, the legacy of America’s pioneering architect is again being celebrated, this time by Travel Wright, an international tour operator owned by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. The travel company recently announced its architecture-focused journeys for 2020, each of which highlights Wright’s innovation, excellence, and overall impact on architecture.


In Mexico City, guests will take a tour of the studio where Luis Barragán, the Mexican architect known as “the father of Mexican modernism,” once worked.

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Of the four 2020 Travel Wright itineraries, some focus on destinations where the architect found design inspiration. A brand-new trip called “Wright and the Americas: Architecture, Art and Design in Mexico” (February 12–19, 2020) explores Wright’s fascination with pre-Columbian art through visits to historic sites and cultural museums in the Yucatán Peninsula and Mexico City. From $6,495 per person

A similarly focused trip traverses cities in Japan where Wright developed his appreciation for traditional Japanese culture. The itinerary, “Wright in Japan: The Architect’s Eastern Vision” (November 4–15, 2020), includes stops in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and other locations in Japan that Wright visited throughout his career. From $8,995 per person


Travel Wright’s brand-new Netherlands itinerary includes a stop at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag designed by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage, who was greatly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

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Other Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired itineraries spotlight locations where the architect’s lasting influence is evident. As part of another brand-new itinerary, “Dutch Modernism: Amsterdam and the Avant-Garde” (June 1–8, 2020), travelers will visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other cities across the Netherlands where Wright’s vision influenced the leading architects of Dutch modernism. From $7,495 per person

In the United States, the “Fallingwater: An Autumn Sonata” itinerary (October 2–6, 2020) includes tours of famous Pennsylvania buildings designed by the famed architect, including the Fallingwater residence and the R.W. Lindholm House. From $2,695 per person

Each trip, ranging from 5 to 12 days, offers expert-led tours by Frank Lloyd Wright Trust guides as well as exclusive access to various museums and cultural heritage sites. The maximum size for each group is 26 guests. To learn more about Travel Wright’s 2020 itineraries, visit

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