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The 7 Best Sleep Masks for Frequent Travelers

By Mekita Rivas

Mar 31, 2021

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Made with biodegradable vegan silk, Niluu’s Sand Sleep Mask is the best choice for conscientious travelers.

Courtesy of Niluu

Made with biodegradable vegan silk, Niluu’s Sand Sleep Mask is the best choice for conscientious travelers.

Packing the right sleep mask is crucial to staying well rested on the road.

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Did you know that anyone older than 18 should get at least seven hours of sleep each night? So says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There’s just one problem: Sleep doesn’t always need us. Whether you’re obsessing over tomorrow’s to-do list or replaying that dumb thing you said on your last Zoom call, it’s almost too easy to lose hours of precious sleep night after night. Add in jet lag and a stiff, uncomfortable plane seat on that last-minute red-eye and quality sleep becomes that much more elusive.

Coming up with a simple, slightly indulgent sleep routine is one way to combat those restless nights at home or on the road. Cutting back on screen time right before bed is a key first step. You should also consider the environment you’re in—how can your space be more soothing without overthinking it? 

Try a simple formula: relaxing music on your noise-canceling headphones and a really good sleep mask. The right sleep mask can calm and quiet your mind—and alert anyone who happens to pass by that you’re catching up on much-needed shut-eye. 

Here are seven of our top sleep masks that will complete your bedtime routine now at home and keep you mellowed out on the road whenever you’re ready to travel again. 

Start your vacation ASAP with this palm-printed sleep mask.

1. Boxed Blue Palm Eye Mask

Buy Now: $43, wolfandbadger.com


Consider your next tropical vacation handled. Whether you’re heading to the Seychelles or a closer-to-home Caribbean beach, this sleep mask is serving up some serious out-of-office vibes. Designed by the British brand Fenella Smith, this bright blue palm print is all about celebrating colorful self-expression. The silk fabric feels so luxurious against your skin, you might have to wear this one every night—even when your PTO days have come to end. A similar design is also available in green and features a hummingbird print.

This sleep mask’s weighted insert is filled with one pound of the same glass beads you’ll find in a weighted blanket.

2. Weighted Sleep Mask

Buy Now: $40, gravityblankets.com

If you’re a believer in the power of a weighted blanket—which is meant to reduce stress and promote relaxation—then the weighted sleep mask will be your new go-to sleep tool. This one has a super sleek shape that blocks out light and evenly spreads the mask’s weight across your face. The microplush and faux cashmere padding feels cloud-like, and the adjustable Velcro strap is a helpful, convenient touch. The only issue you’ll have? Being too deep in your REM cycle to hear the announcement that your flight is landing. 

Wear your away message on your face.

3. Say It With Flowers Be Right Back Eye Mask

Buy Now: $20, galison.com

Need a minute? Or two? Or maybe 30? When a catnap is calling your name, this sleep mask will do the trick. Simply place it over your eyes and let people get the memo—literally. Think of it as an Away message for your face. A silky floss filling and a satin exterior accentuate the feminine floral print. With adjustable straps that can create just the right fit, it’s the perfect sleep mask to stash away in your office drawer for when that post-lunch energy crash starts to take hold. You’ll “be right back” eventually, right? 

The Sleep Stone Mask comes with an amethyst, purple flourite, blue lace agate, or rose quartz crystal.

4. Sleep Stone Mask

Buy Now: $54, balooliving.com


This sleep mask’s secret weapon? A hidden pocket that can store a smooth crystal right over the third eye chakra, located on the forehead between the eyebrows; in Indian and East Asian iconography, it is often considered the center of intuition and foresight. Certain crystals are believed to channel different energies—amethyst, for instance, may help provide peaceful energy that you can tap into when it’s especially hard to fall asleep. This sleep mask can also block out light and muffle sound.

Morgan Lane’s Monopoly sleep mask celebrates 85 years of the classic board game.

5. Chance Eye Mask

Buy Now: $98, morgan-lane.com

Calling all board-game enthusiasts: This one’s for you. Sure, Monopoly is fun to play with a group of friends, but it also makes for quite the conversation starter in sleep mask form. The brand Morgan Lane recently partnered with the iconic game to celebrate its 85th anniversary, creating this one-of-a-kind sleep mask that’s sure to get people talking on your next intercontinental flight. The dreamy cloud print, silk fabric, and plush padding are ultra chic. And it comes in its own matching case.

6. Sleep Set Noir

Buy Now: $23 (was $39), sanctuaryclothing.com

Bold colors and patterns are fun to experiment with. But sometimes, when inundated with choices, it’s best to stick with the classics. And there’s nothing more classic than the LBM—little black mask. It goes with everything, naturally. Plus, this sleep mask is made with antibacterial material and comes with its own matching satin pillowcase. This combo is ideal for jet-setters who want something elegant but low maintenance. The entire set is also available in soft ballet pink.

In addition to “Sand,” Niluu’s sleep mask comes in six other colors and patterns.

7. Sand Sleep Mask

Buy Now: $60, niluu.com


Ecoconscious travelers will love this sleep mask from Niluu, which is made sustainably using biodegradable vegan silk. This neutral sand shade is a solid option for the no-fuss sleeper who prioritizes function and form. One of this sleep mask’s best features: It can be machine washed and dried. It can even be steam ironed to help restore its shape and silkiness after being worn one too many times. This versatile style comes in seven colors, from blush to midnight blue to true black. To really go all out in total sleep mode, splurge on a matching robe

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