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In addition to a free, three-month CLEAR membership, it’s also throwing in $20 Lyft and $50 LoungeBuddy credits.

Even if you have TSA PreCheck, now might be the time to add CLEAR to your list of ways to get through airport security faster. Typically, the security checkpoint expediting service costs a whopping $179 for an annual membership, compared to just $85 for a five-year membership with TSA PreCheck. But for now until July 2019, Lyft users who are new to CLEAR can sign up for a three-month CLEAR membership for free to see if it’s worth paying for a full year.

In addition to the free trial, you’ll also get $20 of Lyft credit to use on rides to and from major U.S. airports, plus a $50 credit for LoungeBuddy after you complete an in-person biometric scan to verify your identity at any airport where there is a CLEAR kiosk.

A CLEAR membership is really only useful if you fly through one of the 25 U.S. airports it currently serves on a regular basis, including JFK, LAX, and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (see the full list here). But if you’re a sports fan, your CLEAR membership allows you to also skip the line at 14 stadiums throughout the country, including AT&T Park in San Francisco and Denver’s Coors Field. 

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While TSA PreCheck is in more than 200 airports compared to the few dozen CLEAR serves, several people on Twitter pointed out why having both memberships is actually worth the money if you fly often.


If at the end of the three-month trial you’re not happy with CLEAR, then you can easily cancel it online with no money lost. Sign up here to try it.

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