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Attention hopheads: The world’s first crowd-funded beer hotel is set to open its doors in Columbus this summer.

The world is awash with beer-themed travel experiences, from local brewery trails to beer-themed river cruises. But now—in the magnificent but much-maligned Midwestern metropolis of Columbus, Ohio—beer drinkers will have a chance at a fully immersive experience. And we mean that literally since your room might contain a soaking tub full of IPA.

Earlier this month, the final beam was lifted into place on what will be BrewDog’s DogHouse, a hotel that is not merely beer-themed, but beer infused. The 30-ish-room hotel is being built on a site with BrewDog’s new sour beer brewing facility, and rooms will look out onto the foeders (the giant oak beer-aging containers, for you inebriate illiterates) and luxuriate in the associated funky aromas.   

The hotel promises beer pairings with every meal in the on-site restaurant (notably including breakfast), tours of the brewing facility with special tastings, and spa treatments that will include a hop face mask and malted barley massage. But more impressive are the rooms themselves, which will feature plumbing that provides not only hot and cold running water, but also cold-running Punk IPA, one of the brewery’s award-winning beers. In the luxury suites, that peculiar pipe will also fill hot tubs with the hoppy brew. (It’s said to be good for the skin, but it’s certainly going to be good for the Instagram.) In every room, the (more sanitary) showers will feature built-in and well-stocked beer fridges, because hopheads know there is no luxury quite like a shower beer.

The hotel is expected to open in August of 2018, with the sour brewing facility following close behind. Reservations are not yet being taken, but the dedicated drinkers who donated more than $300,000 to the project through Indiegogo will be the first in line—at the front desk, as well as at the rooftop bar. 
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