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Hong Kong and Singapore Will Soon Have a Quarantine-Free Travel Bubble

By Associated Press

Nov 11, 2020

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It’s about to be much easier to travel to Hong Kong from Singapore.

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It’s about to be much easier to travel to Hong Kong from Singapore.

Travelers from Singapore to Hong Kong will need to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test results in lieu of submitting to a quarantine.

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Hong Kong and Singapore will start an air travel bubble at the end of November, allowing travelers from each city to visit the other without entering quarantine in a first step to stimulate tourism amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting November 22, visitors from either city must have a negative virus test result before they leave, when they arrive, and before they return. Flights designated to carry passengers in the bubble will carry a maximum of 200 travelers each. It will start with one flight a day to each city and increase to two designated flights December 7.

The bubble will be suspended for two weeks if either Hong Kong or Singapore reports a seven-day moving average of more than five untraceable coronavirus infections, according to the Hong Kong government.

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“Hong Kong and Singapore are similar in terms of epidemic control. Both are regional aviation hubs and international cities, enjoying strong trade, investment, finance, tourism and people-to-people ties,” said Hong Kong’s secretary for commerce and economic development Edward Yau. “The revival of cross-border air travel between the two places is of utmost importance.”

He said that he hopes the aviation, tourism, hotel and retail businesses will benefit from the bubble and that it would gradually help Hong Kong’s economy to recover.

Separately, government officials also announced that Hong Kong residents returning to the city from Guangdong province or Macau will be exempted from quarantine from November 23, as long as they register in advance and test negative for the coronavirus.

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However, the exemption from quarantine is only one-way, and Hong Kong residents traveling to the mainland must still serve 14 days of quarantine on arrival.

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A temporary daily quota of visitors is in place. This is to ensure it can be handled smoothly and without overcrowding, according to Tommy Yuen, director of special duties at the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau.

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