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Introducing AFAR’s First Book Club

By Sara Button

May 20, 2020

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Join AFAR’s editors and fellow travelers for AFAReads, a new book club.

Join AFAR’s editors and fellow travelers for AFAReads, a new book club.

Reading takes you places. Transport yourself with the AFAReads book club.

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In April, we launched our very first digital book club, AFAReads, as a new way to connect with AFAR editors, fellow travelers, and fellow book lovers. Here, we answer all your questions about what to expect if you join AFAReads—and how to get in touch if we’ve missed any. 

What is AFAReads?

AFAReads is a digital book club for the world’s best travelers. Members of AFAReads will have the opportunity to discuss monthly book selections online (and, eventually, in-person) with fellow travelers.

Why did AFAR start a book club?

A good book can transport us to other times, help us see other places, and shed light on others’ perspectives. And for many of us, our first travels were through the pages of a book. So maybe the better question is, why not?  

What will we read?

Every month, a different AFAR editor will select a book. It may be deeply rooted in place, or align with one of the themes of AFAR magazine, or may be something we’re thinking about in our digital coverage. Selections may be classic or contemporary, fiction or nonfiction, in translation or originally in English, from a diverse range of authors—each will help you get to know our editors a little better, too. Here’s what we’ve read so far.

How do I connect? 

  • On Goodreads: This is where most of our conversations will take place. The AFAR editor leading the month’s discussion will post a few questions to spark your reading and encourage conversation whenever you are moved to contribute. On our page, our community also dishes about favorite bookstores, what we’re reading right now, and other travel-y, book-y things.
  • During AFAReads events: For now, our events are taking place digitally. We’ll do Q&As with writers and authors live on AFAR’s Instagram feed, book-inspired movie nights, and have periodic discussion times where we’ll all meet on Goodreads for a chat. When it’s safe to do so, we will host in-person meet-ups, too.
  • On social media: In addition to our Instagram Live events, tune in to @AFARMedia for discussion questions and event reminders. 

Upcoming Events

Sign up here for a Zoom discussion on Thursday, June 25 about June’s selection, Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country by Louise Erdrich.

How will I know what book is next?

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At the beginning of the month, our lead editor will send a note via our newsletter about the book and why they chose it. The AFAReads bookshelf will also be updated the last week of the month so you can get a head start. 

How do I get other updates about the group?

We’ll make all announcements on our Goodreads page. You can adjust your notification settings for the group in your Goodreads account. 

How can I join?

Sign up for a free Goodreads account—you can even log in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Amazon profile. Then make your way to our AFAReads community.

Other questions?

Email books@afar.com.

What if I’m looking for even more literary travel inspiration?

Check out AFAR’s book coverage

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