Two days can feel like two weeks if you plan it right. Here are 10 ways to make a weekend getaway feel like a vacation.

1. Limit transportation time. You want to get to your destination with alacrity! So leave early to avoid traffic, or choose a place that’s close enough so that getting there doesn’t add stress. If you’re traveling further, consider overnighting on the way.

2. Extend your stay, even a little bit: leave Thursday night, or early on Friday. Getting to your destination before dinner on Friday can make all the difference.

3. A staycation can be a weekend getaway too. Book a room at a hotel or Airbnb, and get out of your day-to-day routine.

4. Maximize relaxation. Don’t check email unless you have to. Unplug.

5. Treat your getaway like a real vacation: do research about your destination, and make sure you’re getting the most benefit from your time.

6. If you’re traveling with children, make it feel special to them, too. Indulge them a little bit—maybe chocolate chip pancakes are off-limits when you’re home, but this weekend, all bets are off.

7. Make it a road trip: hitting two to three places over two to three days will feel like a longer trip.

8. Book a special dinner; get a spa treatment; or spend the day kayaking. A short trip filled with memories will be just as special as a long trip.

9. Explore somewhere new. Discovery can be just as fulfilling on a short trip.

10. Go solo. Connecting with new people—locals or other travelers—will push you to discover more.

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