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Getting Spoiled at Napa's Spa Terra

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I used to be a budget traveler, so sitting in a spa all day was something that had never crossed my mind until I heard about the day spa at the Meritage Resort and Spa just outside Napa, California. I decided to give it a go and came out a believer. I now hope to indulge in such a treat at least once a year.

Spa Terra is built in a cave under a vineyard behind the beautiful Meritage Resort. The spa's facilities are new, and everything seems perfectly tailored to make the guest feel comfortable. I loved hopping in the hot tub, then into the steam room, then back again. After relaxing with cucumber water, it was time for a massage, then a shower and back into the hot tub, after which came winetasting in the adjacent Trinitas tasting room and time doing nothing at the outdoor pool. At the day spa, guests choose what they want to do when. Besides the massage appointment time, there is no schedule. I ended my day with a light meal from the resort's cafe and an invigorating hike in the vineyards above the spa. As a busy writer, teacher, and mom, I felt like I could forget about my day-to-day concerns and just focus on being there in the moment.

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by Jenna Francisco
AFAR Local Expert
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