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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is so much more than pyramids and sphinxes. For about 2,000 years, Ancient Egypt thrived as a civilization, creating effective systems of bureaucracy, medicine, mathematics, and agriculture. But we wouldn’t know any of this if they hadn’t also created effective means of capturing and preserving their achievements, partly in their written language and art, and partly in feats of engineering and architecture so solid, they still stand today.
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16 Ettimad st.Luxor, Luxor, مدينة الأقصر، الأقصر، 83000, Egypt
When visiting the Temple of Hatshepsut, be sure to hike over the top and descend into the Valley of the Kings. The hike takes 30-45 minutes and is accessed by a trailhead near the visitor's center. From the top you can take photos, but you'll not...
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Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
The Philae temple complex, situated just south of Aswan on a picturesque island in Lake Nasser, dates back to Ptolemaic times—some 350 years B.C.E. Although you can visit by day, the sun is merciless and will suck your energy right out from you....
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Abu Simbel, Aswan Governorate, Egypt
The Great Pyramids of Giza are very impressive and rightfully earn their wonder of the world title. But then there's Abu Simbel. The site has, well, personality. Ramses II is present at every turn, as is his wife Nefertari. Four giant likenesses...
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Luxor, New Valley Governorate, Egypt
A short ride from Luxor is one of the most incredible places on the planet, the Valley of the Kings. Home to more than 60 tombs of royals and other important personages, it is here where you will find Ramses and Tut, their tombs still decorated so...
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Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
One of the most famous landmarks, the pyramids that grace the Giza Plateau certainly don’t disappoint. Nearly 4,000 years old, these mystical tombs have captivated the attention of people around the world since they were first built. Tourism is...