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The Coffee Bean

The Search for the Perfect Cup of Coffee in British Barbados
It was my sixth visit and my quest remained elusive: where to get a decent cup of coffee on an island that was British for a very long time (and always had a large contingent of Brits visiting). Seemingly the only place in the world that Starbucks hasn't permeated. Usually when visiting, I just skipped my morning cup, but this visit was different: I was celebrating my 29th birthday and all I wanted to do was celebrate with a mug of coffee.

Luckily, this time, I was in luck. A new coffee shop had opened within walking distance of where I was staying. A novelty, I was sure (kind of like the TGI Friday's or KFC) so I figured I better head there before it closed. I ordered my favorite comfort breakfast: a latte and croissant. As I settled down into the cafe table, I cupped the mug of steaming milk and espresso around my hands, much like I would on a cold January day. I inhaled the aroma of freshly ground coffee and brought the mug to my lips. A sip took me instantly back home.

Of course my coffee enjoyment was short lived: I soon started sweating, since I was drinking an extremely hot beverage when it was 85 degrees outside with 80% humidity. But I finished it, enjoyed it anyway - on principle.
Rockley, Bridgetown, Barbados