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Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve
The Paracas National Reserve is located in Ica, about three hours south of Lima. The park spans the Paracas Peninsula, the surrounding coast, and the tropical desert. While the peninsula provides an amazing ocean view with some local birds like flamingos, the Huacachina dessert is a perfect location for sand-boarding, and it even cradles a lush oasis. If you head to Bahia Lagunillas, you will find unique red sand beaches, a product of the erosion of porphyry rocks that can be found on the hills of the peninsula. This area is also a great starting point for exploring the local wineries, many of which produce pisco.

Paracas National Reserve

On an eminently walkable peninsula about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) down the coast from Pisco, Paracas National Reserve is Peru's first marine conservation park. Here you'll find clusters of sea lions and flock upon flock of birds (with pelicans, flamingos and the occasional condor topping the list).

Desert Meets Ocean
We had a local tour service take us through the intense scenery of the Paracus National Reserve. If you turn one direction, all you see is vast desert. If you turn the other way, it's deep blue ocean for as far as you can see. Ask your guide to wait so you can take a dip in the water!

Get Lost In The Desert
Intense deserts as far as your eyes can see, and in the other direction is the stark contrast of the deep blue ocean.

Reserva Nacional De Paracas is truly a feast for the eyes - and the cameras. The terrain is so intense and emotional, with it's sudden change of element.

Tours are available at a very small fee - you can see three different beaches, all in one day!

Ethereal beauty on the Paracas Peninsula
Venturing south of Lima, to the lesser-visited Paracas region of Peru, was one of the best decisions a friend and I made during our three-week adventure. The beauty of the Paracas Peninsula, a protected wildlife preservation, was breathtaking in its austerity. A Pacific of dazzling blue meets sheer desert cliffs in a landscape that feels otherworldly.

Penguin Viewing
We took a tour boat about 1 hour off shore and toured around the Islands for approximately 1 hour. There were over 1.4 million birds including these penguins on these islands. Every 7 years the Peruvians harvest the guano, which is one of the leading exports of Peru.