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Nazca Lines

Mystery of the Nazca Lines
The Nazca Lines are massive geometric and zoomorphic designs laid out in the middle of the coastal desert of the Ica region. These 2500 year old sand etchings are so big that you can only see them from the air. Their origin is a mystery. Archaeologists have been unable to agree about why the Nazca people built these lines, how they were able to construct recognizable shapes without an aerial viewpoint, and how the lines have survived to this day. Many theories have been put forth, from UFOs to the idea that the local culture used these designs as a celestial calendar. The true story notwithstanding, it is definitely worth hiring a small airplane to see the Nazca Lines from on high.

Cruising by the Nazca Lines
Have you ever felt like there is life beyond our universe? Your answer will most likely be yes after visiting the Nazca Lines near the Ballestas Islands in Peru. The lines are said to represent either an ancient candelabra or some sort of beacon. A beacon for who, you may ask? That's up to you to decide!

To infinity and beyond
Flying over the Nazca Lines

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