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Milky Way Café

In Search of Authentic Halo-Halo at Milky Way Café
Halo-halo is a popular everyday dessert whose name is a Tagalog word meaning "mix." It’s composed of many ingredients, including various beans, fruits, and jelly-like coconut-based sweets. These toppings are put over a big bowl of shaved ice with milk; finally, the mixture is topped with a slice of leche flan (cream custard) and ube (purple yam). Some versions also incorporate gelatin, cheese, or pinipig (crispy rice), though nothing beats adding a scoop of ube ice cream on top. The proper way to eat halo-halo is to stir it up first so that each spoonful includes many ingredients and gives you a taste and texture explosion. Halo-halo is available everywhere, from public markets and local food chains to ice cream bars and the most luxurious hotel restaurants. But serious connoisseurs go for the classic one at the Milky Way Café. The eatery has been serving halo-halo for more than 40 years, and their iteration boasts 20 premium house-made ingredients and ice that is finely shaved using a hand crank.
Milkyway, 900 Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila, Philippines
+63 2 843 4124
Sun 2pm - 10pm
Mon - Sat 11am - 10pm