Meditation Hut, Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Taktsang trail BT, Taktsang trail, Bhutan

Countless people have made the arduous trek to Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery in Bhutan but I would venture to say that few have ever made it to the spot shown in the photo. This small, unassuming structure, nestled high up in the crook of the mountainside, is located just before you ascend the last set of 800 steps to reach the base of the Monastery. Continue on your trek to Tiger’s Nest but on your return trip, check out the place. You’ll be in for an nice treat! When I entered the building, a friendly monk greeted me. He waved me towards a collection of cups and told me to help myself to a cup of tea. After that long hike to the Tiger’s Nest, a cup of restorative tea and a short break was a bit of welcomed relief. Next to the cups were tea bags, sugar and flasks that contained a concoction of warm water and milk. I made my own brew and walked around while I sipped on it. I heard the sound of monks chanting. I later learned that this place is a Meditation Hut; a place where monks come to pray and chant. They are commonplace throughout Bhutan. I also found out that the tea is free! The monks offer it as a service to pilgrims coming to the monastery. If you are hiking up to Tigers Nest Monastery, be sure to stop for tea at the Meditation Hut. Please consider bringing tea bags or sugar to leave behind as a contribution.

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