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Filipino Treats to Try

San Antonio, Pasig, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines
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Halo Halo Quezon City  Philippines
Yummiest Yellow Mangoes in the World Quezon City  Philippines
Buko, Anyone? Quezon City  Philippines
It's Kaimito Season Again! Quezon City  Philippines
Halo Halo Pasig  Philippines
Yummiest Yellow Mangoes in the World Pasig  Philippines
Buko, Anyone? Pasig  Philippines
It's Kaimito Season Again! Pasig  Philippines

Halo Halo

Visiting the Philippines without trying "Halo Halo" won't be complete. Everytime I have friends or relatives from abroad come visit, I would bring them out to have Halo Halo. Halo Halo came from the Tagalog word for "mix" which is what it is. Halo Halo is a favorite dessert among Filipinos and is made up of a many ingredients such as beans (kidney beans, garbanzos, red beans), fruits (plantain bananas, jackfruit) and coconut based jelly-like desserts (sugar palm or kaong, nata de coco made from coconut juice). Then lots of shaved ice and milk are placed over it. And finally, topped with a small slice of leche flan (the local version of cream custard) and ube yam (purple yam). Some versions also top it with some gelatin, cheese and pinipig (crispy rice). Oh, and a special one comes with a scoop of ice cream on top. My favorite flavor would be Ube :-) But wait, we're not yet done yet! The proper way to eat it is to MIX it up first so that each spoonful gives you an explosion of taste of each and every ingredient :-) The best ones are from the public markets, but you can also get these at the most luxurious hotel restaurants. My recommendation: go to something in between :-) Icebergs (a local ice cream and snack bar chain), Chow King (a local food chain), and Razon's (a local family owned establishment) all offer great halo halo at great prices too. There are a lot of branches, and are either stand-alone restaurants or stalls located in the mall food courts.

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AFAR Local Expert
over 4 years ago

Yummiest Yellow Mangoes in the World

A trip to the Philippines will not be complete without trying our Philippine mangoes, and I'm not talking about the popular dried mangoes, but our fresh yellow mangoes. Not meaning to be biased, but I've been to a lot of countries and tried the mangoes and nothing beats our own mangoes back home. For me, the Philippine mangoes just have the right sweetness, fragrance and texture. And my friends and colleagues from all over the world who've tried our mangoes would readily agree. Our Philippine mangoes are sweet yet do not lose the citrusy flavor of the fruit. There is a tangy fragrance that is not too flowery. And the texture of the flesh is soft and smooth. If you really want to experience our Philippine mangoes just like a local, the best way to eat it is with your hands. Peel the skin off and hold the mango with your hands, dig your teeth into it, till you consume every bit of the flesh of the mango and leaving the cleanest seed :-) The most likely reason why a Philippine mango would be sour is because it is not yet ripe enough. If you're buying them from the store, the skin of some ripe mangoes may still be greenish, so the best way is to smell them and they should have a sweet smell. Press lightly and it should be a bit soft. If it's being served to you open already, pick the orangy yellow ones :-) So if you get a chance to visit, don't miss this opportunity to taste our fresh Philippine mangoes.
AFAR Local Expert
over 4 years ago

Buko, Anyone?

My cousin and aunt has been staying with me for the past couple of weeks. Having lived abroad for more than 5 years already and coming back to our hometown for a short visit, they had requested to have their list of must-not-miss favorite foods and drinks that we locals love so much. One of them is the buko juice or otherwise known as coco juice in English. Buko is young coconut and you can get the sweetest juice from this. Buko juice also has great health benefits, as it has a detoxification effect. These days, we can find these served in a regular glass or in a bottle, especially if you order these from a restaurant. But the best is still to drink it right from the shell, just like shown in the photo. You can order these in quite a number of restaurants in the country, especially Filipino or Asian restaurants. You can get these from sidewalk vendors and of course, in our markets and groceries. One big thing locals also like about the buko is the tender white young coconut meat too, that coats the inner side of the shell. When you're out in a restaurant or even on an island having buko juice out of the shell, don't hesitate to ask them to chop it open for you after finishing the juice, so that you can have a try of the tender sweet young coconut meat. This same young coconut meat is also used in buko salad or buko pandan, which are popular local desserts.
AFAR Local Expert
over 4 years ago

It's Kaimito Season Again!

Wow! Our fruit basket at home is filled with a variety of special tropical fruits which I eagerly await its harvest season every year. I'm always excited when the summer season (March to May for the Philippines) arrives, not just because it's beach season but it also means lots of tropical fruits. One of my favorites is the Kaimito or Star Apple, comes in either green or purple. It's best to eat them chilled especially under the hot summer weather. However, some prefer to have it at room temperature, which they believe makes it sweeter. The meat is soft white, sometimes purplish, with transparent jelly-like sections in the middle. The juices are milky and a bit sticky like sap. The proper way to open them is to cut through the middle horizontally while holding the stem side up. This way, when you open it, you can see a star shape on each side. My version is a 3-dimensional star though, since we vied for the most perfect star when we were kids :-) I would cut it a third or just a quarter deep from the outside around the fruit. With one hand on the bottom part & the other above, twist in opposite directions. Open it up & you'll get something like the photo above :-) While we normally experience hot weather all year long, these months are extremely hot and humid and these refreshing tropical fruits cool us down. If you're visiting the country this time of the year, be sure to go visit the fruit market or even a supermarket to try these delicious fruits.