Lawrence’s Spring

Wadi Rum Village, Jordan

T. E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, will always be synonymous with Wadi Rum, both for the time he spent there during World War I and for the evocative descriptions in his masterful Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Today, tours by local Bedouin guides incorporate several of the sites most closely associated with the British lieutenant, including Lawrence’s Spring near Rum Village. The spring, whose beauty Lawrence wrote about, sits in the shade of a cliff and still serves as an important watering hole for Bedouins and their herds. Other stops include Lawrence’s House (a small building erected on the ruins of an ancient Nabatean structure, where Lawrence allegedly slept during the Arab Revolt) and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom (a series of rocks near the Wadi Rum Visitor Center named in his honor).

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