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Picnic with a view
Right before we got to Ísafjörður, in the vicinity of Sudavik, we got to enjoy this amazing view. It was warm and half sunny so we sat there a bit taking in this amazing landscape. The north of Iceland is definitely my favorite part of Iceland from all I have visited. You drive along the fjords and see whales swimming alongside the car. Other times we spotted a bunch of seals basking in the sun on mounds of kelp. The ocean color is absolutely magnificent, a beautiful turquoise blue. I keep saying that I left my heart in Iceland, this is the exact spot. I really hope to see it again someday.

Beauty of the north
Ísafjörður is by far my favorite town in Iceland, With a population of about 2,600, Ísafjörður is the largest town in the Westfjords. Walking in the old part of town will take you back in time as most the houses are built in the 1800s. They are little and very colorful, like most houses in Iceland.That is also where you will find a great little guesthouse, 'Auslaugs Guesthouse which is one of the oldest houses in Iceland. It was completely refurbished and it offers a great stay if you rent the honeymoon apartment. It's little - good for up to 4 - but very comfortable. The water is crystal clear and the surrounding mountains make for a gorgeous landscape. I cannot wait to go back there.

Ísafjörður is the largest town in the peninsula. It is conveniently located between five smaller villages, and being the capital of the area it is the centre of interest in the peninsula.

On the gravel spit that stands out into the fjord, small corrugated houses line the streets. Having a wharf all around the spit is fitting, as fish and seafaring has always been the name of the game. For the tourist, Ísafjörður has a range of services for all budgets and tastes. An array of day tours, both in the wilderness and closer to civilisation, are available, for hikers, paddlers and other outdoorsy types of course, but also for those wanting a leisurely walk in a bird colony or at a museum.

All three roads out of town are through tunnels. Iceland’s oldest and shortest tunnel connects to neighbouring Súðavík, the newest connects it to Bolungarvík and the longest connects it to both Suðureyri and Flateyri.

Aldrei fór ég suður Festival
If you're thinking about visiting Ísafjörður or the Westfjords around Easter time, then you might be lucky enough to attend this free music festival...

Set up by internationally known musician Mugison and his Karaoke-singing dad, it breaks all the traditional rules of festivals by offering free entry to all, allowing everyone only twenty minutes stage time (and no sound checks), and balancing some of Iceland's best acts (Sigur ros, Gus Gus and mum have all played) alongside local choirs and hip hop acts.

It's genuinely one of the friendliest, safest and most original music festivals in the world. All you have to do is...somehow get there.