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Harati Devi Temple

Tending to Little Sister
In a very silent temple with people praying, what better way to keep baby sis quiet than to lift her up to spin the prayer scrolls that fully line the walls of the temple.

Holy Holi Man
During the holiday Holi, I visited a nearby Hindu temple complex. How holy of a "Holy Man" this man was, I cannot say, as he accepted "offerings" to have his photo taken. So as not to get the same photo as all of the other tourists, I asked him if he would slip away from the others to the other side of this structure so that I can get a different photo. With a strobe off to the side, I hope I captured something just a little different than the other tourists there. It took only three clicks of the camera and then a group of tourists were pushing in on either side of me. I paid the man and was off to find a crazy monkey or sacred cow to photograph. Maybe they wouldn't have so much competition for his attention.

Kathmandu 44600, Nepal