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Marvel at Milan’s Duomo
The Milan Cathedral, or Duomo, occupies a site that’s been holy since the time of the Romans, but it wasn’t until the early 19th century when the finishing touches were finally placed on this massive building.

The Duomo is the fifth largest cathedral in the world and one of the top tourist sites in the northern Italian city. Entrance is free, but a small fee is requested if you wish to take photos.

Inside the church is even more magnificent then the outside, with scores of shrines and altars dedicated to saints and notable Milanese.

During the Christmas holidays the city’s night market takes up residence next to the cathedral, adding one more reason to visit this central site.

Striking Structure
The Duomo is always worth a visit while in Milano. Even just to stand and admire the elegance of this building is an experience, especially if you go up to the roof (not for those with a fear of heights).

Duomo Di Milano
It is a historical monument and one of the most beautiful spots in the city of Milan at the same time! The Church was founded in 1386 and completed the 19th century, famous by now as one of Europe’s most well known monuments. To the lovers of gothic architecture, this church is a masterpiece of the style! Hundreds of people are passing through this place daily as it’s one of the most popular monuments of Europe. The square around the church is always crowded of visitors, with street sellers, mimes, dancers and singers, painters.. a colorful mosaic embedded in your memory, full of life and happenings!

Duomo Facade
At sunset...

Duomo at Easter night - Milan, Italy
I happen to visit Milan during easter holiday. Duomo has mass during day time, and lights were on at night time - which made this white architecture with even more character! The offset is, shops close on Easter, so if you plan to shop in Milan, plan accordingly.

Perfect view perfect food - Milan, Italy
On top of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, there are various restaurants to choose for. The best rooftop view of the restaurants can view directly at the Duomo's rooftop. When in Milan, must try the "risotto alla milanese".

Milan’s Festive Christmas Market
One of the great joys of visiting Europe the month before Christmas are the many markets found in almost every city and village.

Markets vary from city to city and region to region, but they all feature great food, warm drinks and a festive atmosphere that would put a smile on even the meanest Grinch.

Milan’s market may not be as large as in some other great European cities, but the diversity of goods on sale more than makes up for its size. One of the best ways to enjoy the market is to make an evening of it. Grab a few bites for dinner, sweet treats for dessert and be sure to pick up some gifts for friends and family back home.

Sample Sweet Desserts in Milan– Traditional Ciambelli
Italy is known around the world for its amazing culinary prowess. One of my favorite Italian bites though is the sweet dessert known as a ciambella.

So much more than just an Italian donut, ciambelli are large rounds of fried dough filled with custard, chocolate or whatever the baker decides to share with the lucky patrons that day.

Grabbing one of these delicious morsels to enjoy along with your hot espresso is a great way to get rid of those pesky winter chills.

Duomo, Milan, Italy
Breathtaking Cathedral. I didn't even know it existed until I arrived in Milan. A must see, a camera just doesn't do it.

Best Views of Milan
I was in Milan for a few days this October and made the requisite stop at the famous Duomo. After spending an afternoon inside marveling at the amazing stutuary, stained glass windows, vaulting and intricate flooring, I learned about access to the roof terrace which requires a separate fee. I decided to return the next day at sunset to catch the best light. To access the terrace you can either climb the stairs or take the elevator. Entrance fee is 7 euros for stairs and 12 euros for the elevator. I opted for the stairs which was a good workout in this mostly flat city. At the top you will get up and close with the beautiful gothic architecture details of the roof and see panoramic views of Milan. As I came into town by train, I had no idea that there was even a modern part of the city with skyscrapers until I looked out from the terrace and looked to the north. The terrace is also a great vantage point for watching people in the Piazza Duomo and at the entrance to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. They are currently restoring much of the stonework so you will see a lot of scaffolding on the south and north sides but the views are worth it at the top!

The Highs of Milan
Seeing Milan through the spires of its Duomo is an incredible experience, and also a great workout as the 250+ steps that take you up to the terrace are a bit tight. Don't worry, you can also take a lift. To make it even easier, buy your tickets in advance.

The Duomo
Seeing the majestic Duomo for the first time in Milan was quite an experience. The centuries old but beautiful church is something not to be missed if you ever go to Milan.

Must see- make sure to climb to the top