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Delirium Café

Everyone Is a Beer Lover at Delirium
The Delirium Café in Brussels is nothing less than a pilgrimage for beer aficionados. Try mentioning a place with over 2000 different options, and see how starry their eyes will get.

This bar is located right in the heart of Brussels, a stone throw's away from the Grand Place but yet tucked away on a side street - which only makes it all the more special.

The decor is pretty much dedicated to beer - ceilings and walls are covered in beer memorabilia like trays, glasses, vintage advertising plaques and the likes - quite the ideal setting for a beer-filled evening.

As the owner told me, out of the 2000+ beers available, there are only a handful of commercial options. Most beers are Trappists, Belgian Abbeys and lighter fruit beer from around Europe (also, chocolate beer!), because he truly believes that beer should be a tasting, savory experience, every time.

And I gotta say - it's hard to do otherwise at Delirium. With this abundance of flavors and the welcoming atmosphere, everyone's a beer lover here. If only for one night.

Have a Pink (Elephant) Chrismtas!
Belgium is known for its beers and for me, the best time of year for beer is the Christmas holiday season.

A handful of breweries make a special brew for the holidays and the makers of Delirium Tremens are no different. Their brew is a little bit stronger and have very comical labels that feature their iconic mascot, the pink elephant.

2000 Beer Selections ... Such Delirium!
The Delirium Café was my first stop after a long day of walking through Brussels, Belgium.

Don't miss this incredible selection of beers (over 500 just on tap!) with barrel tables, high wooden seats, warm lighting, great atmosphere. The ceiling is covered in all types of beer trays and the walls are covered with beer ads spanning different decades. It truly is a sight to see.

Be sure to ask the waiters their opinion, they are incredible beer connoisseurs and will not disappoint in giving you the best choices to satisfy your taste buds. I had the best beer of my life here, and I am picky with my beers.

Delirium Café is a must when visiting Brussels, Belgium. If you win the CATCH! Contest, you know where to go now!

Impasse de la Fidélité 4, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
+32 2 514 44 34
Sun 10am - 2am
Mon - Sat 10am - 4am