Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Schillerstraße 4/6, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany

Opened in 1872, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa enjoys a distinguished reputation throughout Germany and beyond. The Shah of Persia, the King of Siam, and a young King Edward VII all stayed here at one point, drawn by the hotel’s remarkable Villa Stéphanie—one of the most advanced, not to mention scenic, medical spas in Europe (it’s set within a picturesque park, bisected by the Oos River). Overall, the hotel balances five-star accommodations with an intimate ambience, thanks to the fact that it’s family-run and has just 104 guest rooms. Interiors are classic but welcoming, and include several stylish public areas and dining options, from the Wintergarten (for Mediterranean cuisine) to the newer Fritz & Felix (a more cosmopolitan restaurant-bar hybrid).

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Relax in Style in the Black Forest

Wellness has long been at the heart of Baden-Baden, a peaceful German spa town that was known for centuries as “Europe’s summer capital.” Royalty would spend the summer months here to recharge surrounded by natural beauty. Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, which is set in the foothills of the Black Forest and dates back 140 years, was always a favorite. The property is comprised of a complex of villas and grand buildings set within a lush private park, surrounded by the Lichtenaler Allee, a historic park and arboretum along the river Oos.

In January, 2015, Brenners Park will open two new wellness-focused facilities: Villa Stephanie and Haus Julius. Beauty and detox treatments are the specialty at Villa Stephanie and emotional and medical care at Haus Julius. Villa Stephanie is located adjacent to the hotel and spans five floors, with 54,000 square-feet dedicated to the spa. Guests can stay overnight in one of Villa Stephanie’s 12 rooms or three suites, which have their own spa facilities for in-room treatments and relaxation. Guests also have access to a 5,000-plus-square-foot sauna and a tranquil plunge pool. At Haus Julius, which is directly connected to Villa Stephanie, an expert staff offers a very European focus on wellbeing, providing nutritionists to tailor a diet for your stay and a physio-spa team that includes an osteopath and a medical masseuse.

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