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18th Street Mahua

149 Changchun Rd, Jin Jie, Heping Qu, China, 300041
+86 22 8193 8617

A Twisty Snack

One of Tianjin's most famous snacks is the fried dough twist, or mahua. It's not the healthiest of snacks—it has been deep-fried in peanut oil—but is definitely worth a try. Traditionally, mahua is made with ingredients such as flour, sesame, walnut, peanuts, osmanthus, and more. Rock sugar provides sweetness. There are other variations on the old recipe available to try, too.

18th Street is, historically and still, the most popular brand for mahua, and there are many branches of its shops in Tianjin. In cooler fall/winter weather, mahua can be stored for up to three months without going stale or losing its crunch.

Pair this with a warm soya bean milk drink or hot tea for a delicious snack when the temperature begins to drop.