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The quirky namesake trees outside are just the first sign you’ve left real life behind.

On Sara and Rich Combs’ first road trip to the town of Joshua Tree, in Southern California, they knew they’d be back. “The draws for us were the surreal landscape, the creative community, and the affordable real estate,” says Sara. They bought this 1949 hacienda-style home last year. “We’re completely in awe of the goofy Joshua trees, the precarious boulders, and the inspiring artists who live here.”

The two-bedroom house, available to rent, has mid-century modern furniture, vaulted wood ceilings, and a flagstone fireplace (ideal for those cold desert nights) and is just a 10-minute walk from the village. Watch sunrises on the front porch, stargaze from the Jacuzzi, or simply marvel at the 100-plus Joshua trees—some 300 years old—scattered across the grounds.

From $185. 

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