The Newest Airstream Is Custom-Built for Working From the Road

The iconic RV maker is giving some serious mobility (and souped-up features) to the remote work lifestyle.

The Newest Airstream Is Custom-Built for Working From the Road

Do the powers that be really need to know how remote you’ve gone?

Courtesy of Airstream

When it comes to recreational vehicles, there’s a special place in our hearts for the silver-clad Airstreams of midcentury fame. For those with a new or renewed love of the RV lifestyle, especially in this socially distanced age of travel, the latest Airstream model offers a particularly interesting proposition—if you can work from home, why not hop into a slick office on wheels and work from the road?

That is the idea behind Airstream’s newly launched Flying Cloud 30FB Office travel trailer, which features a dedicated office space with better connectivity and power options than in previous models. The new design was inspired by the pandemic-fueled trend of traveling while working remotely, since so many of us now WFH. RVs, too, have experienced a renaissance during the pandemic. RV users who have already been working from the road indicated that there were a few concrete ways Airstream could enhance the experience—and thus the Flying Cloud 30FB Office travel trailer was born.

The RV maker redesigned the rear corner of its Flying Cloud 30FB Corner Bunk travel trailer (a newer version of a Flying Cloud model that was originally introduced in 1949), replacing part of what was a sleeping area with an office space. The new Flying Cloud 30FB Office still sleeps up to six people, with a queen bed upfront, a dining table that converts into another double, and two single bed conversions.


The views from this Airstream office may offer a bit more than the current home office views.

Courtesy of Airstream

The workspace includes an office chair that can be tucked into the desk (allowing part of the area to convert into a sleeping area for one person), sliding drawers, organization areas, and USB and power outlets. The office has three windows and blackout curtains if needed for privacy or conference calls. The trailer has been wired to accommodate internet and power plans designed for RVs, including several that Airstream offers, such as Airstream Connected, Airstream Power Plus, and a solar package.

The 30-foot trailer is compatible with several models of SUVs and trucks, and comes with all the bells and whistles, including a refrigerator, oven, microwave, gas stove, and a bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink. There’s heating and air conditioning, plus 20 windows including skylights.


The floor plan of Airstream’s Flying Cloud 30FB Office travel trailer

Courtesy of Airstream

So how much will it cost you? It has retail price of $107,500. But if you’re really thinking of taking your entire operation on the road full-time, the investment could be worth it. If you’re not ready to take the full plunge, or want some more background and context for RV travel before you do, read our complete guide to RV travel in the U.S.

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