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Here’s Your Dream Outdoor Adventure, According to What Type of Traveler You Are

If you’re seeking companionship with fellow adventurers, excited to explore new places, or just longing for the beauty of nature, there’s a perfect itinerary from a USTOA tour operator waiting for you.

Cinque Terre in Italy

Cinque Terre in Italy

Courtesy of Club Adventures

Maybe your ultimate outdoor adventure involves observing awe-inspiring wildlife, hiking deep into the backcountry, or paddling through shimmering waters. Whether you crave camaraderie with fellow adventurers, yearn to explore new destinations, or seek solace in nature’s beauty, the meticulously crafted itineraries offered by United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) tour operator members can transform your dreams into reality.

USTOA was established with a focus on trust in tour operators, highlighted by its motto, “Integrity in Tourism.” Members uphold the highest industry standards, which include ethical behavior like providing truthful and accurate information about tour details and pricing. With experts readily available to assist, advise, and inform, USTOA tour operators deliver unparalleled access to some of the world’s most remote destinations while prioritizing the practice of responsible tourism and environmental preservation.

Tour operators affiliated with USTOA are masters at crafting seamless itineraries for a comprehensive journey that places safety, transparency, and sustainability at the forefront. Choosing a group tour with a USTOA member ensures convenience and reliability and guarantees a more enriching travel experience.

With so many enticing itineraries available from the organization’s tour operator members, choosing the perfect adventure may seem daunting. So, we’ve selected five unique tours for exploring the wonders of the outdoors. Each one is tailored to different interests, helping you find the ideal trip for you.

Kayaking and beach hopping along the Italian Riviera

Dive into the enchanting natural splendor of Italy’s Mediterranean coastline on an invigorating multi-active excursion with Club Adventures’ Cinque Terre: Hike, Bike and Kayak tour. Like a picture-perfect postcard, the dreamlike scenery of the famous Cinque Terre dazzles with sunbeams that cast a colorful glow against brightly painted houses and sea waters that shimmer against the sky.

On a guided kayak tour, you’ll discover hidden beaches along the shores of the Portofino Peninsula. After a scenic walk through the famous resort town, you’ll be outfitted with gear, given some basic kayaking instruction, and set off paddling along the headland. Then, back in the coastal city of Santa Margherita Ligure, you can relax, stroll through its beautiful town center, or enjoy the beach.

You’ll also see this gorgeous region of Europe from a few other perspectives, like hiking and by bike. Prepare to work up an appetite while wandering ancient olive groves and medieval landmarks. Later, you’ll sip refreshing cocktails and dig into plates piled high with pasta, all while overlooking spectacular cliffs, colorful villages, and sparkling seas before retiring to your boutique accommodations.

During your trip, you can count on Local Leaders and Insider Experts from Club Adventures to foster authentic connections. They’re driven by the curiosity of adventure travel, creating experiences that build genuine bonds between travelers and destinations while benefiting local communities.

Hiking and views in Montana’s Glacier National Park

Courtesy of Country Walkers

Glacier National Park

Courtesy of Country Walkers

Delve into the wild beauty of Glacier National Park on a six-day journey with Country Walkers on its Montana: Glacier National Park Guided Walking Adventure. Get ready to ascend into the peaks and cliffs of the Continental Divide, surrounded by colorful wildflowers and grasses, with majestic Mt. Wilbur as your backdrop. You’ll cruise along the Going-to-the-Sun Road aboard one of the park’s celebrated Red Jammer buses. Feel the cool breeze and soak in the mesmerizing vistas from the open roof as it winds towards Logan Pass, offering close-up views of high peaks, cliffs, and lakes.

Stepping off, join your guide to venture deeper into the heart of Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Witness an environment seemingly frozen in time, where you’ll encounter delicate beargrass swaying atop tall stems and witness the aftermath of glacial activity. Surrounded by towering mountains, you’ll gaze upon a glacier-carved valley with a high-hanging basin and cascading waterfall. Keep an eye out for mountain goats or bighorn sheep navigating the sloped terrain. Each evening, unwind in a historic lodge offering spectacular views and, for early risers, chances to spot more wildlife.

During your outing, you’ll benefit from the knowledge of Country Walkers, a company with 45 years of experience creating active travel experiences worldwide. Their experts design walking and hiking vacations focused on local cuisine, characteristic accommodations, and immersive cultural experiences, bringing destinations to life in memorable ways.

Seeking an epic trip? Embark on an expedition to Easter Island and Patagonia

HBTXK8 The famous Moai heads of Easter Island, Chile

Moai of Easter Island

Courtesy of Jesse Kraft/Alamy Stock Photo/Alexander + Roberts

For a truly off-the-beaten-path destination, consider Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui. Situated about 2,200 miles from Chile’s coast in the Pacific Ocean, it ranks among the most remote inhabited islands on the planet. But that’s not all—on this 11-day Easter Island + Patagonia expedition with Alexander + Roberts, you’ll also travel to Patagonia, the so-called “end of the world.”

Departing from Santiago, Chile, you’ll hop on a flight to Easter Island to admire the massive stone figures scattered across the windswept landscape. With the help of your knowledgeable guide, you’ll wander the rugged terrain as they reveal the mysteries of the moai, uncovering the intriguing history of the settlers who arrived here a thousand years ago and carved these iconic statues.

Back in Chile, you’ll visit the home of the country’s Nobel Laureate poet, Pablo Neruda, and taste delicious organic wines at Veramonte Winery. You’ll also have time to wander the spirited streets of Valparaiso, a beautiful city that’s renowned for its art scene and wedged between the mountains and sea.

Next on your itinerary is Patagonia. Expert naturalists will accompany you on an exploration of the striking scenery of Torres del Paine National Park, sharing insights into the area’s geology, flora, and fauna. Expect stylish accommodations, delicious meals, and smooth transfers throughout your journey, ensuring a blend of discovery and relaxation. Plus, with Alexander + Roberts, you’ll relish the intimacy of small-group travel, capped at 16 guests.

Animal lovers will find their paradise on a Namibia safari


Sossusvlei Red Sand Dunes in Namibia

Courtesy of EF Go Ahead Tours

EF Go Ahead Tours’ Namibia Wildlife Safari: Desert Landscapes & National Parks itinerary will transport you to a land filled with diverse landscapes spanning an area just a bit bigger than Texas. With a knowledgeable safari guide, you’ll traverse Etosha National Park, spanning 8,600 square miles, where endangered species like black rhinos and four of Africa’s Big Five roam freely. As you explore the park’s vast expanses, keep your eyes peeled for these regal creatures.

Learn about the world of cheetah conservation at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in the Waterberg Region. Gain insights into their preservation efforts and meet cheetahs unable to return to the wild. Then, venture north of Windhoek with a dedicated anti-poaching team to track southern white rhinos in their natural habitat. Experience the gentle nature of these magnificent animals up close, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for safe observation.

Namibia’s many natural wonders await exploration, from the surreal beauty of Sossusvlei’s red sand dunes and salt pan, sculpted by centuries of natural evaporation, to the ancient rock art of Twyfelfontein, showcasing more than 2,500 paintings and engravings spanning 6,000 years of human history.

Extend your tour to Cape Town for a deeper dive into the vibrant culture of southern Africa. Whatever you decide, EF Go Ahead Tours is ready to create an immersive travel experience led by an expert, ensuring an authentic and affordable adventure.

Cycle through stunning landscapes. Discover scenic Vietnam

Local cyclists and paddy fields

The Vietnamese countryside

Courtesy of Exodus Adventure Travels

Go on a thrilling two-week cycling journey through Vietnam’s picturesque countryside, from dynamic Ho Chi Minh City to bustling Hanoi with Exodus Travel Adventures’ Cycling Vietnam tour. Pedal along roads that pass through colorful fishing villages, verdant rice terraces, and jungle-covered mountains. Spend some time on the white sandy beaches dotting the coastline and then jump into the warm tropical waters for a refreshing swim.

Begin your outing with a stop at the historic Cu Chi war tunnels, then visit the ancient trading port of Hoi An. Soak in the scenic beauty of rural Vietnam as you cross the legendary Hai Van Pass and marvel at panoramic views of misty forests.

Upon reaching Hanoi, you’ll reach Ha Long Bay, where thousands of limestone peaks rise from the emerald waters. Take in the stunning scenery on a cruise, then explore a few secluded coves by kayak. Throughout your trip, you’ll savor the fresh and bright flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, adding a delicious dimension to your travels.

Exodus Adventure Travels specializes in creating unforgettable small-group adventures across seven continents. With more than 50 years of experience, expert guides, and a commitment to sustainability, Exodus prioritizes responsible travel. Its initiatives ensure travelers can explore with confidence and peace of mind.

For these tours and many others that mean expertly planned trips, access to VIP and off-the-beaten-path experiences, local and knowledgeable guides, around-the-clock service, and more, head to USTOA.

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