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The Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Save (lots of) time and see (much) more by flying with TCS World Travel.

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Picture this: You pull up to a private airport with no lines, climb aboard a spacious jet, and fly nonstop with ease to a remote destination, where you can jump right into what you love: exploring a new location.

This is just one of the upsides when you let private jet tour company TCS World Travel take you under its wing. In fact, choosing a curated itinerary on the TCS private jet over commercial flights can revolutionize your travel experience. It means fewer hours in the air, more flexibility, less headaches, and more time immersed in the destination. Here’s how to travel the world in style, comfort...and efficiency.


Get Direct Access
Fly commercial and you have no choice but to abide by the airlines’ routes. Flying private with TCS World Travel, however, means you can travel directly between most destinations, avoiding hubs and taking advantage of routes that may not even be available on regular airlines. What does this mean for you on a journey with TCS World Travel? On their Around the World trip, for example, you’ll fly straight from Lima to iconic Easter Island, when everyone else has to go through Santiago. Traveling to Southern Africa? Take the Best of Africa tour and soar from the Okavango Delta to Victoria Falls in about 40 minutes (compared with 21 hours+ commercially). And on the Islands and Outposts of the Atlantic tour, fly directly from the Azores to Essaouira, Morocco—a trip that includes two layovers on regularly scheduled airlines.


Enjoy Time Savings
What sounds better: spending 9 hours in an airport, or 84? On TCS World Travel’s 24-day Around the World expedition, that’s the difference between their itinerary and doing the same trip on commercial airlines. You’ll also spare yourself 39 hours of travel time and 11 flight legs. In fact, you’d need an extra 10 days to replicate this unforgettable journey on regular airlines. Don’t spend your vacation time waiting in airport security lines and lounges. TCS World Travel uses private terminals where possible (and the most convenient airports when not), so you’ll have less commuting time on both sides of your flight. When flying, you’ll skip all possible layovers. And when you reach your destination, ground transfers will be waiting for you, with money already changed and a host of local staff guiding you from the tarmac to transfer vehicles. In other words, you won’t have to worry about any of the logistics that can slow travelers down.


Discover Luxurious, Hassle-Free Travel
What about the onboard experience? With TCS World Travel, you’ll be flying in a custom Boeing 757, reconfigured with as few as 52 flatbed seats, so you can relax and stretch out. Then prepare to be pampered; all inflight meals and beverages are included. The highly trained staff will learn your likes and dislikes, so you can just order “the usual” beer, wine, or cocktail and kick back. Dietary requirements or food allergies? TCS World Travel can work around them. And don’t worry about filling out landing forms (all you’ll have to do is sign) or jostling for your bags—they simply get whisked away and appear in your hotel room, thanks to an experienced expedition staff who travels with you.


Take Advantage of Maximum Flexibility
Sometimes, of course, the conditions in your destination change, due to weather or some unforeseen issue. We all know the result: Canceled flights, followed by engaging in the sport of competitive rebooking. But TCS World Travel can wait until the last minute to make flight decisions, reroute the trip if necessary, and take care of all pre- and post-flight logistics, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Bask in a Wealth of Experience
When it comes to the world of private jet expeditions, TCS World Travel is a pioneer and a pro, having helped travelers realize their dreams for 25 years. Now, after nearly 300 luxury jet expeditions to more than 200 global destinations, they have perfected the world of seamless luxury. Thanks to TCS World Travel, scores of travelers have been able to see more iconic world highlights in less time than had they flown commercially. And they’ve done it in style, flying aboard TCS World Travel’s customized Boeing 757—reconfigured with 52 or 80 seats (or, for regional journeys, a smaller private jet with just 28 flatbed seats). Join TCS World Travel on one of their journeys and discover the magic of private jet travel for yourself.

Discover more about the rarified world of private jet globetrotting—and the unforgettable destinations you can experience—with TCS World Travel.

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