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Clear Develops a Health ID That Includes Coronavirus Screening

By Michelle Baran

May 12, 2020

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Users of the Clear mobile app will be able to upload or link to lab results to offer proof of a COVID-19 negative test result.

Courtesy of Clear

Users of the Clear mobile app will be able to upload or link to lab results to offer proof of a COVID-19 negative test result.

To help screen employees, consumers, and eventually travelers, the biometric ID company Clear has created a technology that allows for health checks that are linked to your identity.

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Clear, the company that developed the paid biometric ID service that helps speed travelers through the airport, has created a new ID technology that will include coronavirus screening.

Health Pass by Clear will allow employees, consumers, and travelers to connect their identity with a health check that employers, business owners, restaurants, airlines, and hotels can use to screen those who enter their premises or use their services.

“Just as 9/11 drastically changed physical security across airports, stadiums and office buildings, COVID-19 will have both short-term and long-term effects on how we screen for public health security,” the company said in a statement.  

Users can verify their identity on their phone with biometrics, including a facial scan or a fingerprint. They then answer some health questions and can upload their lab results or link to a test provider to offer evidence of a COVID-19 negative test result.

“Once a member verifies their health and identity with their face or QR code, you decide whether they enter your venue,” Clear said about the new Health Pass program.

The new technology would be available through the Clear mobile app.

The plan is to evolve the pass so that it could also integrate technology that would be able to do temperature checks, and once a vaccine is developed for COVID-19, users would also be able to confirm that they have been vaccinated.

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Since the technology is all on your mobile phone, it is touchless. Clear said it sees an opportunity for the technology to be used in travel with one of its potential partners being Las Vegas as that tourism destination works to recover from the impact of COVID-19. Clear is also in discussions about possible partnerships with restaurateur Danny Meyer and the New York Mets.

This is a front-end solution that obviously requires further progress on the back end, namely more widespread availability and improved accuracy of coronavirus testing. And while technology such as this definitely resurfaces long-held data privacy and security concerns, Clear reports that its tech is protected. Additionally, “Clear never sells or rents biometric information,” the company stated.

Use of Health Pass is free and will be part of the Clear mobile app. Frequent travelers may already be familiar with Clear—its $179 annual membership allows users to whisk past airport security lines (in 34 participating airports) following a biometric screening.

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