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White Elephant - A Great Gift

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Don't shoot, I'm vegetarian! No problem even in a meat-centric city like Amsterdam when there are places like the White Elephant. We found this hideout in the neighborhood we were staying in during one of our morning walks and thought we'd wander back later for dinner.
Shock and surprise as we entered this cozy cafe: packed with patrons. The place was hoping, the food flying and not a table in sight. We made reservations for the next night and wandered off into the Netherlands' night in search of substitutes, knowing the next time we walked into the Elephant, it would be something special.
And it was. Traditional Thai dishes prepared with a freshness we would only expect in SE Asia. Wonderful vegetarian options with levels of spiciness from mild to wild. A few Thai beers to wash things down and we knew we had a winner. It was a great find and one we returned to based on the food and value.
We've managed to find pretty good Thai food all over the planet in our travels, but the White Elephant was a gift that made Amsterdam all the more internationally renowned in the cuisine category.

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