How to Spend One Week in Sweden
Take in museums, cool districts, and upcoming neighborhoods in Sweden’s photogenic capital Stockholm; head into the archipelago; and explore laid-back Gothenburg, touted as the country’s culinary capital and with access to the best fish and shellfish.

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Shop for fresh seafood at the "fish church"

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Feskekorka is local dialect for "Fish Church", and in fact the building was designed to look an awful lot like a church, especially from the outside. On the inside, you'll find a huge interior with high ceilings reminiscent of a church, but it's filled with fish stalls and restaurants, rather than pews and altars. Stroll up and down the main hall of the market and pick out fresh fish and seafood to cook up for your dinner that night. Or, let somebody else cook for you, and eat at one of the on-site restaurants (there is seating both outside and inside). The Fish Church is right next to the river, so you get a magnificent view if you sit outside. Don't miss the funny statue outside of a dog watching hopefully as fishermen scale their catch.

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by Amy Knauff
AFAR Local Expert
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