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The Best Things to Do on the Archipelago of West Sweden

The fishing villages along the Bohuslän coast and archipelago once made their fortune from the sea, hauling in herring and other catches. Now the region draws its many visitors during summer who come for the sailing, swimming, kayaking and other outdoor adventures.
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Fästningsholmen, 442 81 Kungälv, Sweden
Take the bus to Kungälv and walk up to Bohus Fortress (Bohus Fästning), which has guarded the northern entrance to Gothenburg at the Nordre River since 1308. During the summer lots of medieval-style activities take place, like sword fighting,...
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457 40 Fjällbacka, Sweden
Ingrid Bergman had a typical Swedish summer house just outside the small village of Fjällbacka. and it’s easy to understand why she fell in love with this particular spot on the west coast. Fjällbacka has taken it’s name...
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Kosters Trädgårdar Långegärde, 452 05 Sydkoster, Sweden
The beautiful Koster Islands are Sweden's most westerly populated islands with only around 300 year-round inhabitants and almost no car traffic. Sustainability and ecology are key values here and visitors flock to the islands’...
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Åstol, 471 44 Åstol, Sweden
On this small island between the island of Marstrand in the south and island of Tjörn in the north, the houses seem to cling tightly to the rock. Åstol was a major fishing community up until the 1970’s, but has since...
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Strömstad, Sweden
The Bohuslän archipelago has a harsh kind of beauty that can be enjoyed in many ways. One of the best, of course, being a journey by boat along the coast trying to find one’s own special paradise. Will it be the glamorous Marstrand, the charming...
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Sjövägen 60, 457 73 Havstenssund, Sweden
What happens when two librarians fall in love and decide it’s to do something else in life? Linnèa Sjögren and Jonas Petterson wanted to spend more time outdoors and explore their interest in the wild, Swedish seaweed as culinary...
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456 50 Smögen, Sweden
In a province with a long coastline and long-standing fishing tradition, spending the day deep sea fishing is a great way to feel like a real “bohuslänning” – a local resident of Bohuslän. All along the coast...
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Käringön, 474 74 Käringön, Sweden
The isolated, car-free island of Käringön is a 40-minute ferry ride from Orust, and has less than 100 full-time residents who stay year round, even through the long winter. But it's a different story in the summer. In...