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Museo Fallero de Valencia

Salute Valencia's Best Ninots Year-Round at the Fallero Museum
Even if you can't be in Valencia for its fiery Les Falles festival, you can view the popular ninots (figures and effigies) at the Fallero Museum. Some ninots are chosen to be spared from the flames by popular vote—and then end up on display at the museum, where visitors can also view photos of the festival's best falles (the scenery created around the ninots), as well as winning designs from the festival's annual poster competition.

Watch It All Burn at Las Fallas
One of my favorite festivals in the whole world, Las Fallas is a tradition that has evolved into a massive citywide party.

For 10 days each year gigantic papier maché sculptures called Fallas adorn the city streets, which are lit up like 10 Christmases. Fallas they are usually fashioned after pop culture references or are political or cultural statements and some are certainly from someone’s nightmare.

At the end of the festival, they light all the falles on fire, with a series of deafening explosions and the heat of a wildfire. This is followed with a long and extravagant fireworks display before people begin to dance in the street all night long.

Photo by stvcr/Flickr.

Museo Fallero de Valencia
Valencia’s annual fiesta of Fallas, held around the feast day of Saint Joseph on March 19, is a vibrant celebration of springtime and renewal in which the fallas—giant painted figures whose design style owes more than a nod to Walt Disney—are burned in the street amid a frenzy of fireworks and supercharged noisemakers. If you can’t be there for the big party, this curious little museum offers a taste of it, showing figures that have been spared the flames over the years (known as the ninots indultats) as well as Fallas posters and other festive paraphernalia.

Plaza Monteolivete, 4, 46006 Valencia, Spain
+34 963 52 54 78
Sun 10am - 2pm
Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm