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Mt Scenery

Rainforest Hike with Worth the Effort
Mt. Scenery is Saba’s most dominant part of the landscape and the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom {2877 ft.} 1064 steps will lead you to the top and most of it is straight up! Along the way, the Elfin Forest is filled with lemon trees and beautiful flowers. Dense jungle covers the upper slopes, and dangling vines everywhere let you know that this is serious rainforest. Birds serenade along the way, and the occasional rooster might give you a start. It’s a steep climb, but you a rewarded with amazing views if you reach the top on a clear day.
Hike to the clouds at Mt Scenery, Saba
It was suggested that only those in peak physical condition should attempt this hike. So it became my personal quest to conquer Mt. Scenery, the highest mountain in the island of Saba with 2855 ft hight and 1,064 steps to the summit.

The journey started at the bottom of the trail in Windward early in the morning to avoid the hot temperature in the afternoon with plenty of water and snacks and of course comfortable shoes. About half way up, I could see the change in the climate in vegetation. It became rain forest instead of tropical. The leaves got bigger and more pre-historic looking. The mist started to roll in. It made me feel like I just stepped into the lost world.

It took few hours to reach the summit where the tower is. The summit is actually the crater. I climbed on the roof of building and enjoy the heaven in the clouds. And when the sky opened up ,then my reward for this adventure was the breath taking view of blue sky and ocean reach as far as you eyes could ever see.

After coming down, I spent the whole afternoon lying and recovering by the pool.
Hike to the clouds at Mt Scenery, Saba Saba  Caribbean Netherlands

The Hike to the Top of Mt. Scenery
When you're on the diminutive island of Saba in the northern Caribbean, there are two things that are musts for travelers: diving and hiking.

While there are a few hikes available on the five square mile island, the hike to the top of Mt. Scenery is the most famous and provides unparalleled views from the peak. 2855 feet and 1064 steps take you to the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the views below make every strenuous step worth the trek.

Borrow walking sticks from the Trail Shop in Windwardside to make the walk a bit easier and try to go on a clear day for unrivaled views of Windwardside below.
The Hike to the Top of Mt. Scenery Saba  Caribbean Netherlands

Mount Scenery, Caribbean Netherlands