French Polynesia

Taking a plunge from our overwater bungalow was the start to yet another perfect day. We had a great time staying at the Intercontinental Moorea with our kids. The water is spectacular for swimming, snorkeling and all kinds of watersports. We all loved it!

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Spectacular morning

This photo was captured on an unbelievable morning. The blue water mesmerizing words really can’t describe... you just have to dive in! (from our overwater bungalow at the IC Moorea).

Magical Moorea

Lesser known (and less expensive) than its sister island Bora Bora, Moorea is just as beautiful with as many (or as little) activities as you can jam into a day. Although the best thing to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the gentle breezes, beautiful sunsets and island hospitality!

Venture into gorgeous tropical waters with a marine biologist

Bora Bora’s gorgeous sister island, Moorea is lavished in an abundance of fresh fruits, vibrant flowers, and dark green mountain peaks. Browse the local handcrafts in town and, if you’re lucky enough, discover the Ann Simon Boutique – known for its quality Moorea Black Pearls. You can also head into the tropical waters with a marine biologist as your guide to learn about the wild dolphins cruising in the wake of your boat. Visit Moorea on any of our itineraries onboard The Gauguin at 50% savings and enjoy included airfare from Los Angeles.

Moorea, Society Islands

On Moorea, you will probably spend equal time discovering the vibrancy of the underwater world as you will meandering through the heart-shaped island’s lush landscapes. Hear the Moorean sea tales by a marine biologist as you listen to the clicks and whistles of dolphins playing with the wake of the boat. Take a dive into the azure waters and get first row seats to shy sea turtles, moray eels, and tuna living in the world’s largest coral reef eco-system. Back on land, mingle with locals as you skim through handicrafts or try on the prized Moorean black pearl from the Ann Simon Boutique. Let the scent of fresh fruits and tropical flowers guide you toward the palm tree clusters nestled along the twin bays. With 50% savings including airfare from Los Angeles, experience Moorea on most itineraries on-board The Gauguin.

Moorea, Society Islands

With mountains leaping almost vertically out of a turquoise lagoon, tropical vegetation, restaurants dripping fresh fish, stylish accommodations and a languid pace of life, it’s little wonder many visitors experience a sense of deja vu upon arriving in Moorea: this is the island paradise you’ve been dreaming about all winter. At the northwest corner of the island you’ll find Hauru Point, with a 5 kilometer long sandy white beach and excellent snorkeling just offshore. On the east coast, near the airport, Teavaro Beach is also beautiful and has good snorkeling. Most of Moorea’s dive sites are found along the north shore. Popular spots include Le Tiki, which has a shark-feeding center, the 20-meter-deep Couloir des Raies (Ray Passage) and, for more experienced divers, the dive to the Jardin des Roses (Rose Garden), which takes you down 50 meters. Transport from Tahiti to Moorea is ridiculously easy (it takes just 30 minutes by high-speed catamaran) so you have no excuse not to spend, at the very least, a day or two on this veritable gem. If being lazy ceases to entertain you, and then you get tired of playing in the water, there are also challenging hikes, horseback riding along the beach, and lagoon boat tours. Most of the island’s accommodations are around the east side of Cook’s Bay and Hauru Point.

Moorea 4WD Tour

Don’t want to swim or snorkel but still crave a bit of adventure? Experience the beauty—along with the exhilarating bumps and curves—of Moorea’s landscape on an off-road excursion. It takes you to the pineapple fields of the Paopao Valley, the panoramic lookout at Magic Mountain and Belvedere and the sacred marae (ancient worship sites) overgrown with lush vegetation.


Eight mountain peaks rising from a shimmering lagoon make a dramatic first impression here on Moorea, the island believed to have inspired the mythical Bali Hai from James A. Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific. Jagged volcanic ridges, lush green jungle, and aquamarine waters complete the picture. But you’ll find that while its vistas are epic, Moorea’s vibe is laid-back and welcoming. You’ll overnight here, giving you more time to connect with locals and pursue activities like hiking, whale watching, and ATV riding.

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