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Constitution Hill

Constitutional Court
The court is housed in a beautiful building atop Constitution Hill. Outside is the old jail, the new Flame of Democracy, and the even newer bust of Ghandi (he was jailed here 4 times). Inside, the art is incredible. Worth the trip just for it.
Flame Of Democracy
Marking the 15th year of the Constitution.

Flame Of Democracy Johannesburg  South Africa

Mahatma Ghandi Bust
Just unveiled two days ago. Ghandi had four stints in jail here between 1908 and 1913.
Mahatma Ghandi Bust Johannesburg  South Africa

Constitution Hill, Supreme Court
The 27 clauses of South African's constitution are carved into these massive, gorgeous doors leading in to the court. Inside the foyer, the curated art collection is on par with museum-quality standards.
Constitution Hill, Supreme Court Johannesburg  South Africa

October 10, morning: Speaker Sessions at Constitution Hill
Hear from Edwin Cameron, one of South Africa’s Constitutional Court judges, and the first senior official in the country to declare publicly that he was living with HIV/AIDS.

Constitution Hill is the site of the nation’s highest courts as well as the Old Fort Prison complex, where South African citizens such as Gandhi and Mandela were once held. The beautiful court building also showcases some extraordinary South African art, and the collection’s curator, Stacey Vorster, will be on hand to explain the significance of the work.

We’ll also hear talks from leading authorities in current issues such as education, politics, and employment. Giles Gillette and Anthony Farr (education activists), Nic Dawes (Editor in Chief of the progressive Mail & Guardian newspaper), and Kuben Naidoo (head secretariat of the National Planning Committee) will lead the talks.
October 10, morning: Speaker Sessions at Constitution Hill Johannesburg  South Africa

Prison Cell Visit to the Apartheid era's most notorious prison
Constitution Hill on a bright summers's day with sweeping views across Johannebsburg from it's position atop a ridge in the subub of Braamfontein belies it's cruel history. However there is no mistaking the door frame wide cells that housed inter alia Nelson Mandela for a period of time. Despite the heat I felt chilled. Educational & humbling this is an instructive experience - especially given that South Africa's famed Constitution Court now resides on the same lot. Talk about progress!
Prison Cell Visit to the Apartheid era's most notorious prison Johannesburg  South Africa

11 Kotze St, Johannesburg, 2017, South Africa
+27 11 381 3100
Sun - Sat 9am - 5pm
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