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Chena Hot Springs Resort

See Northern Lights from mineral hot springs
My bucket list included seeing the Northern Lights. This took me to the Chena Hot Springs Resort located an hour outside of Fairbanks, Alaska (the address is WRONG on the map). The Northern Lights are best seen in clear dark skies which is abundant in the Fairbanks area. It was 22 below (which is way cold!), but you could stay snuggly warm in the natural hot springs. The medicinal powers of the hot springs are also a high point. Maybe my imagination, but I went into the pool with an achy hip and came out pain free. The rock hot springs pool is surrounded by snow covered trees. This one looks to me like a tree nymph pointing to the sky and promising you a night time glimpse of the Northern Lights. What a spectacle it is! Mother Nature at her best is the colorful dancing lights that can be seen in this Alaska wonderland. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the Northern Light will appear so I am not promising you or guaranteeing you that if you go you will definitely have that remarkable experience. But, if you are one of the lucky ones that are blessed with a view of this remarkable phenomenon, it is worth the trip. If not, you may also see shooting stars in the dark night sky filled with more stars than you can imagine, go on a one horse open sleigh ride or go mushing in a sled pulled by a group of eager sled dogs! Also enjoy the cozy pub that has a great menu and drinks aplenty! Call the resort to confirm what activites will be available during your stay.

Very Nice place,

View the Aurora Borealis
Catching a glimpse of these beautiful dancing lights requires a whole lot of luck! The two weeks prior to our arrival in Fairbanks were overcast and viewing the Aurora was not possible. Three nights into our stay we were beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. On the fourth day, the skies cleared and by 8:30pm the resort gave us a call to let us know the lights were out! We fortunately opted for the viewing tour later that evening and were thrilled beyond belief that we were able to see the lights without obstruction at the top of the hill.

Relax in Hot Springs Surrounded by Snow
We stayed in the Moose Lodge at Chena Hot Springs and were able to enjoy the hot springs every day of our visit. Each time, we emerged feeling relaxed and refreshed after the day's winter activities.

Visit the Animals at Chena Hot Springs Resort
Caribou, moose, reindeer! You will see all these critters and more wandering around the grounds of the Chena Hot Springs Resort!

Take a Walk!
In addition to the myriad winter activities offered at Chena Hot Springs, we found walks around the resort to be quite serene and beautiful. Take a moment to take in these lovely winter scenes.

Poach Your Popsicle Toes Under the Aurora Borealis
About an hour and a half outside Fairbanks, Alaska, at the literal end of Chena Hot Springs Road, lies a geothermic hot springs, where you can thaw out your tootsies under the dazzling show of the Aurora Borealis. Chena Hot Springs is open all year, and is ideally located for all manner of outdoor activities no matter what the season. During winter, Chena Hot Springs is also one of the better places to view the Northern Lights, being so far away from any competing city lights. You can watch them while soaking in the hot springs lake, surrounded by snow, or from the resort’s heated glass-walled “aurorium” lodge, just a short hike up the mountain, or you can join a group on a snow cat tractor that will take you far into the wilderness to see them. Chena Hot Springs also has an ice hotel for anyone who wants to spend the night (and $600) at 30 below, wrapped in caribou hides, inside one of four chic igloos created by World Champion ice sculptors, Steve and Heather Brice, who have their workshop and display their work in the ice museum at Chena. For those who like their accommodations a little more toasty, Chena Hot Springs also offers a variety of cabins to lodge rooms, including pet friendly options.

Chena Hot Springs
Chena Hot Springs, first discovered by settlers in 1905, is renowned for its healing waters as well as the resort’s outdoor activities. To enjoy the springs, take a soak in hot tubs or outdoors in the steaming natural Rock Lake. The resort's restaurant offers greenhouse-to-table cuisine and the Trails End lounge is great for a post–soak drink. Winter activities include dog mushing, aurora viewing and snowmobile tours, while in summer ATV- and horseback-riding tours are available.