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Barrio Bellavista

The Art of Graffiti, All for Free
Growing up in New York, I remember the graffiti on the street and subways, but the city's so cleaned up now that the only graffiti you might see is in the museum. But lo and behold, Santiago has its own hip, colorful neighborhood known for its bars, clubs, and nightlife in Barrio Bellavista. But you don't have to be a night owl to experience this hood....just walk around during the day and see the amazing graffiti art. The Pablo Neruda Museum is in this area, but make sure to explore the surrounding streets. Colorful and creative, it's street art at its best.

Graffiti ala Santiago
There are many places to see in Santiago, but for anyone interested in graffiti, good food or artsy companions, Bellavista is the place to visit. After watching Salsa lessons, listening to "revolutionary" singers and imbibing on copious amounts of wine, we wandered through the graffiti embellished back streets, which can be a photographer's paradise. Patio Bellavista, with pleasantly designed shops, restaurants and pubs, is the best place to start.

14 - Antonia López de Bello, Recoleta, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile
+56 9 6121 6144
Sun - Sat 12:30pm - 12am