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Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

An Experience with Falcons
A visit to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is worth every minute of the drive out of Dubai (about 45 minutes). This facility, the only one in the world, is devoted to the preservation and health of these amazing which play a central role in the history of the Emirates.

On a visit to this facility, you'll be able to hold a falcon on your wrist, learn about the different types of falcons, watch the staff perform some "maintenance" on a bird (typically talon and beak trimming), and even see a feeding. You'll learn how falcons came to this region (they are not indigenous) and how they travel (with their own passports!). You need to book your tour in advance and while you're there, you might take a brief side trip to see the beautiful Salukis, hunting dogs that are house in a nearby facility.

Visits are easily booked through the website, the staff are warm, and they do a thorough job accommodating all visitors. Just a short drive outside of Abu Dhabi, it's well worth the trip.
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
One of the only facilities of its kind, the Falcon Hospital sees more than 10,000 falcons a year for veterinary care. Visit the hospital to learn about the tradition of falconry in the Emirates and for the opportunity to slide on a leather gauntlet and hold a falcon. You’ll never forget the feel of the falcon's sharp talons through the glove, or the intensity of its yellow eyes, capable of spotting prey from as much as a mile away.
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates

Sweihan Road,Al Shamkha - Near the Abu Dhabi International Airport - أبو ظبي - United Arab Emirates
+971 2 575 5155