The Top 10 Countries Where Locals Feel Safest

Just because locals feel safe in these locations doesn’t necessarily mean foreign travelers will.

The Top 10 Countries Where Locals Feel Safest

Singapore topped Gallup’s list of countries where locals feel safest, even walking around alone at night.

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It’s impossible to eliminate all risks when you travel, but if you’re looking for inspiration for your next solo trip, Gallup recently revealed the list of countries where locals have the highest sense of security.

In its 2018 Global Law and Order report, Gallup surveyed more than 148,000 people who were at least 15 years old from 142 countries. Each person was asked whether they felt safe walking alone at night where they live, if they felt confident in their local police force, whether they or a family member had money or property stolen from them, and if they had been assaulted or mugged within the last 12 months.

Singapore, a country known for its low-crime rates due to severe punishments for certain offenses, topped the list with a score of 97. Norway, Iceland, and Finland tied for second place with scores of 93, which isn’t too much of a surprise considering that the three Nordic countries also ranked highly in the World Economic Forum’s 2018 World Happiness Report.

But after that there are a few surprises. Uzbekistan came in fifth with a high score of 91, even though it is a country that isn’t particularly well-known for its safety and is ruled by an authoritarian government.

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“Fear may be an issue . . . people may not be comfortable giving their real opinion, in fear that confidentiality won’t be kept in the interview,” Jon Clifton, global managing partner at Gallup, told CNN Travel about why the people surveyed from Uzbekistan might have ranked their country higher than they might have been willing to admit.

Indonesia came in ninth place, despite several deadly terrorist attacks in the last few years, and Egypt tied for tenth place alongside relatively peaceful countries like Denmark and Slovenia, even though tourism numbers plunged after 2011’s Arab Spring and the U.S. government still advises U.S. citizens to exercise increased caution when traveling there.

However, Clifton said that people were likely ranking how safe they felt in relation to how they felt five or 10 years ago, instead of in comparison to another country. It’s also worth pointing out that people in different countries often have different expectations of safety, so take this list with a grain of salt and check the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisories before booking your next flight.

World’s Safest Countries According to Locals

Results via Gallup’s 2018 Global Law and Order Report

1. Singapore - 97

2. Norway - 93 (tie)

2. Iceland - 93 (tie)

2. Finland - 93 (tie)

5. Uzbekistan - 91 (tie)

5. Hong Kong - 91 (tie)

7. Switzerland - 90 (tie)

7. Canada - 90 (tie)

9. Indonesia - 89

10. Denmark - 88 (tie)

10. Slovenia - 88 (tie)

10. Luxembourg - 88 (tie)

10. Austria - 88 (tie)

10. China - 88 (tie)

10. Netherlands - 88 (tie)

10. Egypt - 88 (tie)

To see the full list of countries and how they ranked, download the report on Gallup’s website.

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