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Lead by the hotel’s head bartender, Pete Stanton, these three cocktail workshops will have you mixing like a pro.

Summer is coming—are your mixology skills up to snuff? At the Langham on Fifth Avenue in New York City, the talented and chatty Pete Stanton, head bartender at the hotel’s Bar Fiori, is hosting a trio of springtime cocktail master classes, during which you’ll pick up tips for making memorable mixers and score some excellent cocktail conversation starters at the same time. 

➔ First up is the Negroni Workshop on April 28, where Italian bitter liqueurs—specifically amari—take center stage. Barkeep Stanton will lead with a bitters history lesson and move into a Negroni primer: the classic recipe, variations on the theme, and the ways you can concoct your own signature version.

➔ Next comes something sweet: the Daiquiri and Tiki Drinks Workshop on May 19. Stanton will discuss the history of rum as a spirit and a global commodity, the backstory of the beloved daiquiri, and the decidedly American origins of tiki culture. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of mixing and experimenting—and drinking.

➔ Finally, just in time for Father’s Day, Stanton will host his American Whiskey Classics Workshop on June 16. He’ll recount the storied history of American-made whiskeys and lead a tutorial on crafting the two make-or-break cocktails for an aspiring mixologist: the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan.

Classes cost $75 each and enrollment is strictly limited to 15. Tuition covers the class and its respective potables, as well as cocktail-complementary munchables prepared by Langham chef Scott Schneider and pastry chef Rachel Pancho. Sign up here.

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